Microsoft acknowledges Windows phone error 8500201D preventing email syncing

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Error 8500201D has reared its ugly head again, much to the disappointment of many Windows 10 Mobile users. This is an old and constant error that has been plaguing Windows phone users for years, and after a calmer period, it seems that error 8500201D is back.

Since the beginning of September, thousands of Windows phone owners have been complaining about this annoying error that prevents them from syncing their emails and calendar events. Error 8500201D makes no discrimination, affecting Windows Phone 8.1 users, as well as Windows 10 Mobile users. However, it does indeed seem that the latter are particularly plagued by this bug.

Windows phone error 8500201D blocks email synching

here is what I am getting after several years of using a Windows phone with no real problems. Nokia Lumia Icon 929 up to date in upgrades. Starting Monday the 5th of September I have been getting this error. […] Last tried 7 minutes ago. Error code: 8500201D. […] The only thing that I have not done is reset the phone, I did delete most mails that I had in all the different folders. But same results.

Despite this sync error, new emails are well received on the affected devices. Also, according to user reports, this sync error also affects contacts, SMS and MMS backup. Some users also came up with a few workarounds, but unfortunately, none of them proved to be permanent. In the best case scenario, some workarounds manage to fix this bug for a limited period of time, in general for no more than one hour. Soon after, error 8500201D comes back.

For the time being, the best solution to get rid of this bug is to perform a hard-reset, which will most likely delete the items that failed to sync. If having your emails synced is not that urgent, you may want to wait for a while until Microsoft fixes this issue. The company has officially acknowledged the annoying Windows phone error 8500201D issues and is actively looking for a fix.

Thank you for posting on the forum. We are currently aware of this issue and it is under investigation. Once a fix is released, you can view it here: Fixes or workarounds for recent issues on Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have you encountered error 8500201D? If you’ve also come across a permanent workaround, list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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Avatar Plain Speaking

Reset my Lumia 650 twice to resolve the problem. Works for a couple of hours then the problem retuns again. No solution for the time being.

Avatar GolfDave

I deleted all of my email accounts and reentered them so far so good.

Avatar Jenny

How did you manage to delete your email account? I can´t find it on my phone (Nokia lumia 920)

Avatar GolfDave

go to manage accounts, select the account, and click delete account.

Avatar Jenny


Avatar Manel Saidi

Thank you, Your article is the first that I read who explains me, really, the issue and the fact that I can do nothing to fix it. I just have to wait.

(Sorry if there are language mistakes: I am French)

Avatar Rob Bush

Ugh, I get so frustrated with the media/journalist’s use of “Windows Phone” vs. “Windows Mobile.” One article will say “Windows Phone” is dead or “XYZ App on Windows Phone is no longer supported” to mean Win8.x phones, claiming that “Windows Mobile” refers to Windows 10 devices. Then the next article will use the two words interchangeably.

So… are the terms Windows Phone and Windows Mobile the same or not? If they are the same, then stop the stupid click-bait headlines that makes one think some horrible news is related to Windows 10 Mobile. If they are different, then please be consistent in your use of the two terms as meaning an OLD operating system vs. the NEW operating system.