Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone Recovery Tool in Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft recently released its first Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Windows Phone devices, but it is not compatibe with all Windows Phone smartphones, as a very amount of lower-end devices can actually support it. Although, this is just the first build of the operating system, it has been released with manny issues and bugs that need to be fixed in the future.
Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone Recovery Tool In Windows 10
If you’re one of those unfortunate Windows Phone users who want to install Windows 10 on an unsupported phone, and everything goes wrong, don’t worry, Microsoft won’t leave you alone with a bricked smartphone. The company announced a tool for rolling back installations will be released some time after the release of Windows 10 for phones. Also, ifyou read our article about how to install Windows 10 Technical preview for phones one unsupported handsets, and decided to do it, this is the way to get your old system back if something went wrong with installing Windows 10.

According to info we got from Windows Promoter, Akash Sharma, the tool is now available to download from Microsoft’s servers. But since the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is a Modern-style app it is very likely that we’ll see it in the Windows Store soon.

Even though we know that the app will be released after Windows 10 for phones, we don’t have any information about the exact release date for the Windows Store, yet. But folks from Neowin installed it on multiple PCs, and provided us with a couple of screenshots:

Windows Phone Recovery Tool2 Windows Phone Recovery Tool1 Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone Recovery Tool In Windows 10Windows Phone Recovery Tool

The app works on older Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, as well as tohse powered by the new Windows 10 Technical preview, and it could even replace the old Lumia Software Recovery Tool.

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