Microsoft working on a new design for the Windows Store

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It’s rumored that Microsoft is testing a new design for the Windows 10 Store internally. However, the re-designed Store isn’t slated to make its way to users until the Anniversary Update or at least some later Windows 10 Preview build.

With the redesign, Microsoft will reportedly change the layout of the Store and enhance app listings. The new design will also allow developers to place a background image of the app instead of just a plain color, which is currently the case.

windows 10 store redesign

The Spotlight area of the Store will also receive some noticeable changes to sport a nice, flat design instead. Featured apps will be showed as Start Menu tiles which will improve the touch interface of Windows 10 in the Store, and an improved Search algorithm should also arrive with the new design, allowing users to find an app or a game they’re looking a lot easier.

These improvements are still in the early works, and a lot of work needs to be done. But once Microsoft finishes the re-design, we should receive a better Windows Store experience. This is going to be the first design change of the Store since the release of Windows 10, so it was about time for Microsoft to introduce some enhancements.

windows 10 store new design

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Anniversary Update to Improve Windows 10

While the re-designed Windows Store should arrive for users with the Anniversary Update, that’s not the only improvement Microsoft is preparing for the second major Windows 10 update.

Besides the new look for the Store itself, Microsoft will also introduce cross-platform compatibility with the Xbox One upon the install the Anniversary Update. Microsoft plans to achieve this by merging two platforms’ stores into one big marketplace for both devices. Additionally, Microsoft is planning to bring some Xbox One games to Windows 10, another cross-platform aspect that’s highly anticipated.

Of course, the Store isn’t the only Windows 10 feature that will be redesigned with the Anniversary Update. Microsoft also plans some design changes for the Windows 10 Start Menu and Action Center. The Start Menu should receive some layout changes and new Chasable Live Tiles, while the Action Center should receive better sync with Windows 10 Mobile and more. 

A lot of functionality and design improvements are on the way, so it’s obvious that Microsoft is pinning its hopes in the Anniversary Update. Cross-platform compatibility is perhaps the most important aspect of the update, so all possible design changes will be oriented towards it due to its importance.

Tell us in the comments below: which Anniversary Update feature are you looking forward to?

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