Reports of Windows 10 update problems emerge again

by Don Sharpe
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If current user reports are anything to go by, troublesome Windows 10 updates are here to stay, or so it seems.

The latest of these to cause trouble are non-security fixes (update kb4535996) according to complaints posted on the Windows 10 Subreddit.

Audio acts up after updating

One user claims that their audio malfunctioned after installing the Cumulative Update (CU) for Windows 10. The glitch resulted in bad quality sound, which could not be fixed by updating the sound card drivers or restarting the machine multiple times.

My PC decided to install today’s big Update, and afterward, my audio has been sounding muffled and distorted. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx sound card and Astro A10s. I updated the drivers and restarted a couple of times.

Responding to the above claim, another Reddit user suggested that the problem might have originated from the reactivation of the Sound Blaster surround 5.1 on a 2.1 speaker system. In that case, there would be a configuration mismatch due to the absence of a center speaker, compromising the audio quality.

Slow Update

The CU seems to be taking longer than usual to install, according to yet another Reddit post.

This Update is huge. Currently installing after the first reboot and seeing the percentage meter slowly crawling to 100%.

The update fixes dozens of issues impacting Windows 10 version 1909 and 1903 machines, so it is easy to understand why it is massive. A look at the Microsoft Update Catalog reveals that the smallest CU file is about 190 MB while the largest is approximately 350 MB in size.

Installation failure

Another user lamented that the CU failed to install for the umpteenth time. It is not clear if, before attempting to update, the user had installed the recommended Servicing stack updates (SSU) to address compatibility issues.

Preview updates are usually for testing

While Microsoft said it is not aware of any issues associated with update kb4535996, it expects them for sure. The company releases such preview updates the third and fourth weeks of the month for testing purposes.

So, if you have updated and encountered any installation or post-installation issues, Microsoft encourages you to provide feedback. The company may consider your experience with the category D fix when fine-tuning the next Update Tuesday release.





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