First Project Scorpio 4K images and demos show off its potential

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Microsoft has finally unveiled Project Scorpio and confirmed that the new hardware will be the most powerful gaming console on the market with a release date later this year.

What’s more: current Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will better on Project Scorpio thanks to the supersampling technology offered by Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio full capabilities

The Xbox team still has to show fans exactly how games will look on the new console. We won’t probably get to see any real time footage before the Microsoft’s E3 media briefing but according to Windows Central, Microsoft recently held a private event to showcase Project Scorpio’s full capabilities to its partners, including all the visual enhancements for Xbox One games on 1080p TV sets.

Credit: Project Scorpio.

Reports show that the first Project Scorpio tech demo featured a female scientist in a steampunk-inspired lab with the image in native 4K, demonstrating how sharp the Sorpio’s 4K rendering really is. Another tech demo featured a close-up view of a yellow lady bug standing on a flower.

These demos demonstrated that if Project Scorpio can render Xbox One games in 4K by using current Xbox One assets, game developers are going to be able to achieve even greater results if they plan on optimizing their games for Project Scorpio.

Microsoft announced Project Scorpio last year and with it, the company emphasized the true 4K gaming. In other words, gamers are advised to save up for a 4K display if they really plan on taking advantage of the machine’s six teraflops of computing power.



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