Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 will stop working on May 22

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Yahoo has already started to notify Mail app for Windows 10 users that the app will be shut down next week, solidifying a rather negative trajectory for the app.

In September 2016, Yahoo admitted that in 2014, it suffered a huge data breach and over 500 million user accounts were hacked. That December, another security breach took place with a billion accounts affected. And this February, Yahoo warned everybody that the source code for generating cookies was stolen. Judging by all these events, we can’t really say that we’re shocked that Yahoo is in the process of terminating the Mail app.

Yahoo Mail app can’t be downloaded anymore

Even if the company has not yet made an official statement on the subject, various users have already reported getting a notification in the app informing them of its upcoming shutdown. Users have begun reporting on Twitter that the app has stopped working, suggesting that support for it has already begun to be cut off. The message that some users have been getting reads loud and clear:

Your Windows 10 app will stop working after May 22. Thank you for using Windows 10 app to check your Yahoo Mail. Going forward, please check your email in any web browser on your computer. You haven’t got the opportunity to complain about this, you just have the option of pressing “Got it.”

While the Windows Store listing for the Yahoo Mail app is still there and can be still seen online, it seems that the ability to download it has been removed.

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Yahoo recommendations

However, Yahoo Mail users will still be able to login to their accounts on their Windows 10 devices. Yahoo recommends users should access the app using its website. There is also another option available and it involves choosing to set up your Yahoo Mail account in other apps such as Outlook or the Windows 10 Mail app.

The app is currently being taken over by Verizon and the company plans on merging Yahoo and AOL into Oath, a brand new company.



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