Windows 8.1 Spring Update to Focus on Non-touch Devices [MWC 2014]

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We’re at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and here we already have the first important story – Microsoft has just announced the ‘spring’ update for Windows 8.1 through Joe Belfiore, head of platform at Microsoft. Read below for more details.
windows 8.1 spring update
Microsoft has released the official Windows 8.1 version not too long ago and many were already interested in uninstalling it. Its worldwide share still has to grow, but many are already looking forward to the first update to the Windows 8.1 update. I know, it sounds absolutely horrendous, and that’s why Microsoft has decide to call it the “Windows 8.1 Spring update”, albeit it hasn’t mentioned yet an exact date.

Joe Belfiore, who is the head of platform at Microsoft, for smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, said that the Windows 8.1 update will come this spring and with it, it will come with improvements for non-touch devices. Speaking to a narrow circle of press attendees, Belfiore described that the Windows 8.1 spring update will come with many hardware and software improvements for non-touch device, but said that

None of the work we are doing has a negative effect on the touch experience at all. We love touch.

The much-hyped about “start” button will allegedly make a comeback, to make it look just the same like it was prior to the Windows 8 launch. Plenty of other mouse and key-board friendly features will be deployed, as well. There are now more than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold, but we don’t know yet how many of these run Windows 8.1.

Some of those touch affordances weren’t really tuned as well as we could do for those mouse and keyboard users. We found people weren’t aware of where they should look in the UI. Those are the things we’ve really started to improve for this update coming this spring.

The next update for Windows 8.1 will also bring improved compatibility for education and enterprise, as Microsoft probable feels that they are losing the game to Apple’s devices, such as iPads and even Google’s Chromebooks. The Windows 8.1 spring update will change the requirements needed to run Windows 8.1, as these will begin with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage inside. This will increase the number of Windows 8 devices, without a doubt.

The Windows Phone platform will also extend to a new range of devices and it will also support Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, 400 and 400 LTE devices. Besides this, important software features will be added, such as fexibility in how keys are implemented, optional the camera button, introduction of other softkeys, support for dual SIM in new devices and many others.

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“There are now more than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold, but we don’t know yet how many of these run Windows 8.1.”

How many of those licenses are being used to downgrade to Windows 7, hmm? I know I have.'

Microsofts naming conventions never make any sense…. Windows 8.1 Spring Update?? Just call it Windows 8.2 already.'

Exactly – it’s not like the numbers mean anything anyway.

Vista = NT 6.0
Windows 7 = NT 6.1
Windows 8 = NT 6.2
Windows 8.1 = NT 6.3'

Spring in Redmond. What about people south of the Equator? The name Spring Update just sounds wrong. Windows 8.11 makes more sense.'

I want to see screen shots and they need to look like either Windows 7 without the fancy effects or Windows 7 with classic look. Otherwise if there are charms, side bar twinkle toes, and whatever else I’m sticking with Mint.


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