0xC0EA000A Error Code: What Is It & How to Fix It

Remove all linked devices and try activating again

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  • If you don't meet these requirements, the activation may fail. You can reset the license and try your luck again.
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When you buy a new PC, the operating system is usually pre-installed and ready to use. However, you often need to activate Windows before you can use it.

This is to ensure that the software license is valid and that the copy of Windows was purchased legally.

You may encounter the error code 0xC0EA000A accompanied by it looks like the hardware on this device has changed the message on your Windows 11. Luckily, this problem has several fixes, and we’ll cover them all in this article. 

What is error code 0xC0EA000A?

If you see the error 0xC0EA000A when trying to activate Windows, it may be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Pirated version – The most common reason people can’t activate Windows is that they don’t have a genuine copy of the operating system.
  • Incorrect product key – If your product key is not working, you may have entered it incorrectly, or it’s the wrong one.
  • Hardware changes – If you have recently changed critical parts on your PC, such as the motherboard, your PC may not match the unique ID stored on Microsoft servers.
  • The product key has already been used – Windows licenses are usually tied to a specific hardware configuration and cannot be transferred to another computer if already used.
  • Different Windows editions – It’s possible that the edition of Windows running doesn’t match the edition of Windows used to activate the current edition.

How do I fix 0xC0EA000A?

A few preliminary checks include:

1. Restart the Windows Time service

  1. Hit the Windows + R keys to open the Run command.
  2. Type services.msc in the dialog box, then hit Enter.run services.msc command
  3. Find the Windows Time service, right-click on it, and select Properties.
  4. Under the Startup type, click on the drop-down menu, select the Automatic option, and hit Start.
  5. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

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Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to missing or corrupted system files and repositories of your Windows.
Be sure to use a dedicated tool, such as Fortect, which will scan and replace your broken files with their fresh versions from its repository.

Your PC’s clock and that of the Microsoft servers must be in sync for the activation to be successful.

2. Use the Activation troubleshooter

  1. First, you must link your digital license to your Microsoft account. The Microsoft account linked should also be an administrator account.
  2. Hit the Windows key and select Settings.settings windows 11
  3. Click on System and scroll down to Activation.
  4. Select Troubleshoot, and you should see the following message: Windows can’t be activated on your device.
  5. Click on I changed hardware on this device recently, then select Next.
  6. Type and enter the credentials associated with your Microsoft account.
  7. Mark the This is the device I’m using right now checkbox and click Activate

This step is for users who have recently made hardware changes to their devices. If not, skip this step and proceed to the next one.

If you get to step 7 and don’t have an activation key, you can fix the 0xC0EA000A by purchasing one on the Microsoft Store. In the event that the activation troubleshooter is not working, check out our article on how to fix it.

3. Remove devices from your Microsoft account

  1. Open your web browser, navigate to Microsoft Account web, and sign into your account.
  2. Click on the Devices tab in the top right corner.
  3. Find the device you want to remove from the list and select the Remove device option.
  4. From the pop-up warning page, check the I’m ready to remove this device box and click on Remove.
  5. A new confirmation page will show details about the device you remove, then click Back to Device.

4. Reset the license files

  1. Hit the Windows key, type Powershell in the search bar, and click Run as administrator.
  2. Type and Enter the following command: slmgr -ipk <Your product key here>
  3. Next, type the following command, then hit Enter. Don’t worry if nothing happens immediately, as it can take a bit of time: slmgr -ato

At times, your copy of Windows may become non-genuine for any reason. As such, it may be possible for you to reset your license. When resetting your license key, ensure you’re the owner of a legitimate copy of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Another approach would be to transfer the Windows license to another device. However, this is only relatively easy for digital licenses. If you have a PC with an OEM license, transferring it can be extremely difficult and not without risks.

And that’s how to resolve the activation error 0xC0EA000A. For any additional thoughts on this topic, feel free to comment below.

Still experiencing issues?


If the above suggestions have not solved your problem, your computer may experience more severe Windows troubles. We suggest choosing an all-in-one solution like Fortect to fix problems efficiently. After installation, just click the View&Fix button and then press Start Repair.

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