King of Pool Launches for Windows 8, One of the Best Billiard Games

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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Billiard games are quite popular on Windows Store these apps revealing a realistic experience right on your Windows 8 touch based device. So, which software to use in order to enjoy the best billiard experience and for testing a well-designed gameplay with high end graphics and various features?king of pool windows 8
Well, in order to help you out, during this short review I will describe the King of Pool game which was recently released on Windows Store. The game can be installed and easily played on desktops, tablets and smartphones based on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT platforms. King of Pool is maybe one of the best billiard games available out there since the app features various gameplay modes along with high end graphics and different settings that can easily improve the user experience for both advanced and entry level Windows 8 users.

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King of Pool Released on Windows Store, revealing realistic billiard experience

With King of Pool you will be able to test your skills and develop new abilities in the most realistic way possible. As you can see in the image from below, you can use in built features for finding trajectories and for learning how to hit the ball in order to win matches and in order to develop your own strategy. Then, you can make things harder by removing the aiming guide feature.

On the other side, King of Pool features different gameplay modes such as snooker, Pool 8 UK, Pool 8 US and lot more. Moreover, the app offers various settings that can easily adapt and customize the billiard experience – thus you can set the touch intensity, you can play career mode, you can challenge your friend in an online match or you can use the multiplayer mode against users from King of Pool community.king of pool menu
King of Pool is available on Windows Store where it is priced at $4.00. You can download and install the tool on any Windows based device, so don’t hesitate and test the same and then share your experience with us and with other users who might want to try it too (use the comments field from below in that matter).

Download King of Pool from Windows Store.