MeteoEarth is the Most Spectacular Weather app for Windows 8

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As we all know, almost each portable device comes pre-installed with a Wheatear app and widget, which can offer real time info about weather info from various locations around the world. But, if you want to get a more specialized app, you should go to Windows Store in order to download the new MeteoEarth client.meteoearth windows 8
Knowing how the weather will be during the next day or for a longer period might be a must especially if you travel a lot, or if you want to make plans for a vacation or for a family trip. So, by using a weather app and a dedicated widget you can obtain real time weather info right on your Windows 8 based laptop, tablet, or desktop. But, if you want to “bring weather to life” in an interactive and amazing 3D way, then you need to try MeteoEarth app.

MeteoEarth: Receive Weather info using Google Earth-like experience

MeteoEarth is by far the best and most spectacular Weather app that is currently available on Windows Store. Why? Well, basically because the tool comes with impressive graphs and with an eye catching user interface. In that matter we can compare MeteoEarth with Google Earth as both apps are quite similar in looks and features.

Therefore, with MeteoEarth you will be able to obtain 3D images related to weather, in a professional matter, similar with what we see on TV when the presenters are explaining the weather. The software offers support for different operations, as for example you will be able to home in on a rain front moving over Europe and then smoothly move about to show cloud cover, wind streams, rain or snow heading for the Rocky Mountains – of course you can do so for any region around the world.meteo earth graphics

Moreover, with MeteoEarth you can get real time and accurate weather data, whether you are interested in getting info for one day only or for a longer period of time. Other similar apps that can be downloaded from Windows Store and which you should try are The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, or The Weather App.

MeteoEarth is priced at $3.99 on Windows Store and can be anytime downloaded and installed on any Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows RT based device.

Download MeteoEarth from Windows Store.


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