FIX: 7-Zip There is not enough space on the disk error

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Worried about the 7-Zip There is not enough space on the disk error? Let's see some fixes.
  • In this case, don’t hesitate to move the Toucan folder to the backup drive and see if it helps.
  • The issue is also related to dragging and dropping to Explorer so check out our Web Bowers section to find alternatives.
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Fix There is not enough space on the disk error

Countless users describe the same scenario: they try to back up a folder, let’s say, using 7-Zip or split a large folder into chunks to burn them onto a DVD, and they know that free space isn’t a problem.

Well, when they start the backup, an error message is indeed immediately displayed – System Error: There is not enough space on the disk.

Experiencing this issue is rather frustrating, so if you’re on the same boat too, then it’s time to find out that 7-Zip usually creates a temp file in the Toucan folder.

That’s most likely the culprit, so do not hesitate to take immediate action. We are here to guide you through the detailed steps of solving this disk storage issue with ease.

How to fix There is not enough space on the disk 7-Zip error?

1. Try an alternative file compression tool

Let’s start with the root cause of your current issue. File compression tools are supposed to be handy if you’re running low on disk space, not interrupting you with disk errors.

Therefore, instead of sticking with 7-Zip and looking for time-consuming troubleshooting tips, our suggestion is to see things from a different perspective.

More exactly, it’s more beneficial to search for suitable compression tools capable of resizing the files that take too much of your disk storage.

If you need to archive lots of files or manage large folders without taking up all storage, then consider the best file compression software and get rid of disk space errors.

Hence, if you already have low space on your disk and you strongly need to manage files more easily, the recommended software is of great help.

2. Move the Toucan program folder to the backup drive

As said before, 7-Zip has the bad habit of creating a temp file in the Toucan folder. That’s usually found on the system drive of your backup machine.

Sonner that you can imagine, such temp files end up filling up the supposedly empty system drive. Therefore, all you need to do is to quickly move the Toucan program folder to the backup drive.

You most likely have enough space left there and chances are to solve the issue in no time.

3. Avoid dragging and dropping to Explorer

You may also encounter the annoying There is not enough space on the disk error when dragging and dropping from the 7-Zip window to Explorer.

As strange as it may initially sound, that’s a bug confirmed by countless affected users. Therefore, you know to stay away from dragging and dropping as well.

However, if this is your preferred method, do keep in mind that the problem is exclusively related to Internet Explorer.

It was replaced by Microsoft Edge as the default Windows 10 browser, so don’t be surprised to encounter all sorts of glitches if you intend to keep on using it.

4. Change the temp extraction folder

  1. First of all, open 7-Zip.
  2. Find the way into Tools > Options.
  3. While here, select the Folders tab.
  4. Under the Working folder, make sure to choose Specified.
  5. You are no free to browse to the external HDD.

The temp folder is once again in the center of attention. You may encounter the error at hand due to the same folder that we’ve talked about, so feel free to change the temp folder settings.

Apply the above steps in that regard and confirm that the issue is finally solved.

If you have any suggestions, along with other solutions, don’t hesitate to let us know by using the comments section below.

Other readers will be thankful for your intervention.

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