How to add a secondary axis in Power BI [EASY STEPS]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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power bi add secondary axis

Creating charts in Power BI Desktop is one of the main features of this tool, but quite a few users are encountering issues in creating the Y-axis (secondary axis).

One user reported the following on the official Power BI forum:

Currently using Power BI Desktop (just downloaded last week). I’m trying to create chart with secondary axis (Y-axis). However, in the tool, when I select from Visualization pane, ‘Y-Axis’ then ‘Show secondary’, nothing happens. In the video, I see that underneath that option when it is selected, there are other options to select like position it on ‘right’ side.

So, when trying to create a chart with a secondary axis (the vertical axis of the chart) through the usual method, nothing happens. Fortunately, the issue has a very easy solution.

Steps to add a secondary axis in Power BI

Add a metric to the line values

To solve the issue quickly, you simply add a metric to the line values.

power bi line values metric

  1. Click on Favorite Count.
  2. Select the metric you prefer for your axis.


So, that’s about it. Adding a metric to Y-axis will allow you to create a chart with a secondary axis.

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