Best WBS and Gantt chart software [2022 Guide]

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  • The finest tools for creating WBS and Gantt charts are required for a solid project planning foundation.
  • You receive the scheduled start and completion dates, the early and late start and finish dates, types of float, and, of course, the important path and essential tasks.
  • Work breakdown structures are typically deliverable-oriented hierarchical breakdowns of work that is to be done, most commonly by a team.
  • Since these tools allow you to easily design, revise, and track the progress of all tasks and subtasks in your projects, we developed a list of the finest options for you to choose from.
best gantt chart software

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WBS aka work breakdown structure is a detailed tree structure of various tasks and deliverables that need to be performed in order to complete a project. The primary target of WBS is to identify the tasks that have to be done in a project.

WBS is the foundation of project planning alongside Gantt charts. These two tools are probably the most common project management instruments. Here are five of the best tools for creating WBS together with their sets of features.

The best tools to create WBS and Gantt charts

GanttPro (recommended)

GanntPro is an online program that will allow you to draw Gantt charts for different types of projects. This tool is created for real performances and its users got 45% time-saving while planning the project and 70% fewer missed deadlines. Impressive, huh?

This is not its only strong point – you will also be able to manage the team more efficiently so they could have more productive results and it is managed to cut off project management expenses where this can be done.

All you have to do is to try it and learn the basics as GanttPro is user-friendly and you can do a lot of stuff while knowing the most simple manipulations. Here are some key features:

  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • Delegate different projects and tasks
  • Prioritize tasks functions
  • Set durations and dependencies
  • Create separate and distinct workplaces for teams
  • Easy resource and cost management

If you want to see if somebody is underperforming or has too many tasks, you can monitor that from your manager dashboard.

Gantt Pro has many other useful features to discover but you need to try it for yourself. Check it out after getting a free version from its website.

Get Gantt Pro


ClickUp is an all-project management solution. It contains features that allow you to manage practically every area of a business. It does not have, for example, native accounting management but you can integrate an accounting software.

Friendly interface, affordable, and with lots of templates to chose from, ClickUp is a great solution for business monitoring.

Rather than getting entangled by a few large projects, ClickUp’s hierarchical structure, or WBS, allows you to access your complete workflow in one spot. 

To get things done, check out its features to discover if it suits your needs:

  • 1000+ apps integrations for time tracking, cloud storage, calendar, and more from developers.
  • Organize your action items into projects, spaces, lists, and tasks. 
  • Gantt charts, Calendars, and other tools can be added with documents, discussions, reminders, spreadsheets, and embeds to keep your work in one place.
  • With robust task management, you can plan, organize, and collaborate on any project.
  • Checklists are essentially simple to-do lists within a task – items are either completed or not completed.
  • Automatically triggered tasks, conditions, and processes, no coding needed.

ClickUp also provides excellent customer support to assist you in determining how to work on your tasks more efficiently and successfully.

Get ClickUp

Edraw Project (suggested)

Edraw Project is an ideal project management tool recommended if you want to quickly create your very own customized Gantt charts with simply mouse clicking or data file generation. 

You can master the present progress with Edraw Project by using the timeline and multi-angle reports, allowing you to provide appropriate answers to various difficulties more rapidly.

After you start a task, you may follow its progress with a progress bar that displays the task’s completion percentage on the taskbar. Normally, you may manually record the completion percentage by using the mouse. If the Auto Progress option is enabled, the progress meter will be automatically updated each day.

Furthermore, you can make the most of your team’s time by enjoying an incredibly easy interface and various managing and tracking functionalities. Here are some other key features of this software:

  • Convenient drag and drop functionality
  • It generates reports to capture specific project information in summary views
  • The software lets you easily set, change, or measure progress for all task and subtasks on your projects
  • It links tasks to create dependencies so that all tasks can update at the same time
  • It provides quick export to MS Office files and other files
  • Successfully tracks costs involving a system of standard or overtime rates

The software can help you deliver high-quality work on time by scheduling all of your projects in one place, assigning resources to tasks, tracking the progress to optimize the team’s time usage, and managing the budget.

 Get Edraw Project

Edraw Max Breakdown Structure Software

Edraw Max provides a really innovative approach to create, edit and modify WBS diagrams graphically. It comes with lots of cutting-edge tools for advanced drawings.

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) are quite useful when it comes to understanding the budget and resources required for your project, and when you are unsure where your project stands, you may refer to the WBS to obtain a clear picture.

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WBS may serve as a roadmap for your industry’s technical side, allowing teams to see the development phases and get a sense of how the project is progressing.

Check out the most important functionalities that are included in this tool:

  • Using this software, you will be able to create WBS effortlessly.
  • You will be able to enjoy a high level and detailed display of all your projects.
  • You will get the chance to present an unlimited number of fields.
  • The software provides the option of mass printouts to any number of pages using any printer.
  • You can automatically increase the size of the WBS chart.
  • You can save the WBS chart to various formats, and they can be any size and contain any number of tasks.

Edraw Max is ideal not only for professional-looking flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts but also for network diagrams, floor plans, fashion designs, electrical diagrams, ULM diagrams, and more.

  Get Edraw Max

WBS Schedule Pro

This is a Project Management software with WBS charts for planning, and network charts for scheduling. You will be able to find all the necessary tools to manage and plan your projects.

Use a Network Chart to plan and manage projects by linking activities to establish dependencies and define the Critical Path. The click and drag method makes it simple to arrange the activities in your project.

WBS Schedule Pro is fully integrated with Microsoft Project. WBS Schedule Pro may be used as a front-end planning tool for Microsoft Project or to generate charts from existing Microsoft Project plans.

Take a look at the most important functionalities that come packed in this tool:

  • You can use the UBS chart in WBS Schedule Pro in order to brainstorm projects by breaking them down into manageable pieces.
  • Using a Top Down approach to create projects allows a more manageable plan.
  • Using this tool, you will be able to define the dependencies in your project easily.
  • You can click and drag in order to create links.
  • The Gantt Charts in the WBS Schedule Pro are really easy to use, and they’re loaded with features.

Discover how simple it is to plan your most complicated projects utilizing a Top-Down strategy. Only then will you be able to identify the activities that are critical to completing your project on time.

Get Web Schedule Pro

MindView’s WBS Software

This is a full-features WBS Software with robust Project Management functionalities included.

MindView produces mind maps that can be used in presentations, reports, websites, and other applications. It is ideal for usage by individuals, small teams, and big organizations.

Mind Maps can be tiny and basic, like the one above depicting a work breakdown structure, or huge and complicated. MindView is an excellent and adaptable concept development tool, with a wide range of export choices to Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Project, HTML, and other formats.

Check out the best features that come with this tool:

  • MindWiev is an efficient way of brainstorming, developing and structuring ideas visually.
  • This tool allows you to add calculation fields to track cost or budget.
  • The Gannt functionality will allow you to quickly create a task list.
  • A WBS will show you what the various elements of the project are.
  • You can find out how the necessary work is distributed between the elements of your project.
  • On the official webpage of the software, you will find explanations on how to create a WBS using this tool.
  • You will be able to learn how this software will help your organization and execution of a project.

To develop a Work Breakdown Structure, begin with the end product in its whole and work your way down to increasing degrees of detail.

MindView is perfect for this since it allows you to rapidly enter items and then organize them into a structure that is appropriate for your project. When you change your mind, it is simple to reorganize your valuables.

Get WBS Software

WBS Tool

WBS Tool is a free web program that allows you to build WBS, WBS charts, organograms, and more types of hierarchies.

Take a look at the most important features that you will be able to find in this tool:

  • The WBS Tool will work with any web browser if you have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed.
  • Using this tool, you can build WBS charts effortlessly.
  • You can use the links displayed on the official website, and you can also register to have your own account.

Get the WBS Tool

These are the best tools for creating WBS and Gannt functionalities that you can currently find on the market. Head over to their websites and check out their complete sets of features before you decide which one is the best choice for your needs.


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