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Photo editing has become a huge part of photography which enables enhancing of pictures be it resizing, cropping or other advanced tasks in photo editing.

This has resulted in a plethora of software which enables users to edit photographs to make them more appealing and attractive to the eye.

These ten programs listed below are the best in terms of functionality and features giving to users to edit photographs.

Advanced photo editing tools for PCs

1. Paint.Net (recommended)


This is a photo editing software that runs only on Windows PC. It comes with several quality features such as an innovative user interface for easy use with various plugins support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and good photo editing tools.

The software has included in it editing tools like a pile of channels various media groups and a favorable 3d view which helps. Rated the ‘Top-Grossing’ software on Microsoft Store, Paint.net is definitely one of the easiest-to-use photo editor that will help you manipulate with  images.

2. Fotor (suggested)


Fotor is a photo editing software which enhances the quality of images to add that spark of elegance and artistic feel.  It features various options such as the healing tool and clone brush. Users can also mix text, effects and borders to a personalized effect.

The software gives users access shared to twenty layouts and a freestyle collage where users can edit to their own preference.

3. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

This is the most popular photo editors in the world. It is a photo editing apps loaded with all basic and advanced features in one interface. The app gives you a choice of gorgeous easy to use channels and quick links so you can share your pictures directly to social networks, or save them to your computer.

Adobe Photoshop has numerous tools ; noted photo editing software with over 1000 plugins and features which can be downloaded and used.

Adobe Photoshop is divided in two spaces: the work space and the panels, this is where users   can choose tools and modify them to individual. With the panels, users manage the layers, which are the overlapping levels that make up a photograph and its effects.

In case the tool fails to run properly, check out the troubleshooting guides below to fix common Photoshop issues:

4. Affinity Photo

advanced photo editing softwareThis photo editing software gives users a basic platform to edit photographs into attractive portraits. The Affinity Photo gives users a huge toolset which gives an edited photograph creative and professional result.

The software gives users options such as Raw editing, HDR merge, Panorama stitching, Focus stacking, Professional retouching, Batch processing and many other options.

It also gives users the option of merging multiple images from various focal distances. The software also gives detailed analysis of alignment and best sides of the image to use.

5. Photo Scape


This is a simple to use photo editing software with its easy interface and it is surprisingly free to install. Photo Scape also gives users the unique feature to create gigs, merge and crop photograph. The tool bar has also been revamped with emphasis placed on simplicity and accessories.

It also comes with features such as an advanced editors which enables users to resizing, brightness and colour adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal, and blooming. It also comes with screen capture which enables users to capture screenshot and edit it.


royalty free image softwareThis advanced photo editing software is very popular and comes with different features. It is also a free distributed program for tasks such as photo retouching and mage composition.

A strong point is that, the GIMP software can be used as a quality photo retouching program, an online batch, image renderer, with image format converter.

It is the ideal software for designers and photography with emphasis on corporates layers, covers, bends, and levels.

7. XnRetro

advanced photo editing softwareThis is a limited photo editing software but it does a good job in making photos look appealing and artistic.Users can use the channel feature change the shading balance, difference in context, presentation utilizing a perfect exhibit of sliders.

It also comes with new features such as 20 colour effects, 15 light effects such as bokeh, leak. The software also has 28 frame borders adjustment like contrast, gamma, saturation and many more.

8. ArtWeaver


This is a unique photo editing software that users can use to create Brush engine enhancements to randomize texture, adjust Stroke smoothing and chose clone colour method.

Some features in this software include brush category and variant preset selectors merged into one preset selector for quicker brush selection. The new text palette with many additional text formatting options such as alignment, kerning, and enhanced text tool, the move tool moves with the content of selections if there are any and not only layers and guides.

Users can now create a new profile for both stamp and eraser tool besides Soft and Hard with Commands to change the order directly in all preset selectors and can be reset in the Preset Manager.

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Do share with us your experience in using any of the advanced photo editing software that we mentioned above. Feel free to comment below.



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