Amazon Fire Stick not downloading apps? Try these methods

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Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best devices to watch movies or listen to music. You can watch Netflix shos or you can listen to music on Spotify.

It is a simple device that usually doesn’t have any issues. However, people encountered some exceptions.

Quite a few people reported that Amazon Fire Stick won’t download apps. They get the following message: “Purchase Failure, Sorry we are unable to complete this purchase. Your account has not been charged.”

The error makes the Amazon Fire Stick unusable for many people.

This is a major issue and today we will show you what to do to start downloading apps once again.

What can I do if apps won’t download with Amazon Fire Stick?

1. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection works

Sometimes, this problem appears if the Amazon Fire Stick is not connected to Wi-Fi. Check your network connection for errors. To do that, read our comprehensive guide.

2. Ensure your Amazon Fire Stick is not too old

Many users reported that the error message “Purchase Failure, Sorry we are unable to complete this purchase. Your account has not been charged.” appeared on older Fire Sticks. Purchase a more recent version to make sure you can download apps.

3. Activate 1-Click

If you can’t download apps in your Amazon Fire Stick, then 1-Click might not be activated. To activate the service, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select content and devices
  3. Go to Preferences
  4. Select 1-Click setup.
  5. Add your details.

You can activate this service even though you download only free apps. Also, it is easier to get Amazon applications through 1-Click.


This issue is not as serious as it seems. Just make sure your connection works and buy a newer version of Amazon Fire Stick.

Also, check if you activated 1-Click. This service should be activated even if you only download free apps.

If these solutions don’t work, you might have a more serious problem. For a specific fix to your problem, please contact Amazon support.

Did our methods help you? Did you find another way to fix this issue? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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