The Read-Aloud feature for the Android version of Office is coming this month

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  • Excellent news for all the Android Office users out there.
  • Your favorite suite of apps is getting another new feature.
  • Read Aloud will start rolling out as soon as January 2022.
  • This unction is currently being tested by Office Insiders.
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It’s been some time since we spoke about Microsoft’s own suite of utility apps, but now we’re going to take a closer look at what the company is currently working on.

You will be pleased to find out that the Android version of Office is about to get a new and useful addition, designed to help us read incoming documents and also proofread our own redacted texts.

And we didn’t even get to the best part yet, which is that this is coming sooner than you might imagine, right at the start of 2022.

Read Aloud coming to Office for Android in January 2022

What better way to kick off the new year than with a brand new functionality for the suite of apps that we’ve grown so accustomed to, and one we use on a daily basis.

The Redmond tech giant just announced the release of the December Current channel (Preview) build to Office for Android users.

And yes, build 16.0.14827.20006 will finally bring the Read Aloud function to tablets and smartphones.  As we mentioned above, Read Aloud is a great way to proof-listen your own writing.

This latest addition to Office is a blessing for some users that agree on the fact that it’s way easier to catch mistakes when you listen to what you wrote, instead of reading it.

We know that a lot of you were actually waiting for this feature for quite some time now, so this will be a really nice new year’s gift.

And it’s very easy to use, as you can see from the picture above, simply place the cursor where you want the reading to start, press the Review button and then click on Read Aloud.

However, until January 2022, the only ones that get to fiddle around with this new feature and listen to their own creations are only Office Insiders.

You can also become one, if you are interested, by simply going to the official Insider Program page and going through the registration process.

The new year hasn’t even started and we’re already getting a lot of good news. thus a lot to look forward to.

Have you also been patiently waiting for this functionality to become available for Android? Let us know in the comments section below.

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