The latest Astroneer update lets your paint terrain in bright colors

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If you’re a fan of intergalactic exploration, brace yourself because things are getting more colorful. The latest Astroneer update brings two main changes: tweaks to the research curve and the implementation of Augments.

Astroneer Augments

Augments can be attached to other items to transform the way they work. The number of items is probably going to be limited to the Deform Tool in this release. With two augments in particular, the Terrain Analyzer and the Inhibitor, users will be able to sample colors with the deform tool from one set of terrain and then paint some terrain around them.

New features and improvements for Astroneer

  1. Added tool augment system – augment items can be attached to tools.
  2. Terrain tool can be used when the backpack is open.
  3. New unlockable augment items:
  • Terrain analyzer;
  • Wide mod;
  • Narrow mod;
  • Inhibitor.
  1. Complete overhaul of equipment unlock progression – some unlocks depend on researching certain types of chests.
  2. Steeper difficulty curve – less types of equipment are now available at the beginning of a game so more chests need to be recovered and researched.
  3. Research chests are now not so common.
  4. Hydrazine is no longer tradeable.
  5. The backpack now opens only to one side.
  6. The backpack now gets illuminated when it’s opened to enhance the visibility in dark areas.
  7. The default terrain tool brush size and intensity have been adjusted.
  8. Terrain brush can now indicate color.
  9. It has been added an interaction indicator between held items and Astroneer.
  10. In multiplayer mode, the indicators of the other players are visible and they receive the accent color of the player.
  11. The dynamite explosion power and radius enhances when multiple dynamite sticks are being packed together.
  12. When the backpack or terrain tool is out the camera has a mellowed behavior.
  13. Updated vehicle code for enhancing stability.
  14. Added new VFX for deformations.

You can now find all the latest features available for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.



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