7 best audio recorder software for Winodws 10 PCs

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  • Choose the best game audio recorder to help you create and add sound effects to your recordings.
  • A great in-game audio recorder features multiple editing options, such as the ones from Adobe and WavePad.
  • If you need software that records both video and sound when you play, take a look at Filmora.
  • Are you looking for free recording software for Windows 10? Look no further, we've selected plenty of free solutions for you.
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Gaming is without a doubt one of the most significant entertainment sources for a lot of people these days. Millions of people enjoy online multi-player games, browser games, FPS, and more.

There are a lot of game recording tools available for both video and sound recording. They’re ideal for emerging Twitch broadcasters and gamers who are eager to share epis audio and video with friends.

You can record audio gameplay together with commentaries at the same time and merge them easily.

We gathered some of the best game audio recorders that you can use to record background audio while you’re playing your favorite games.

What is the best audio recorder software for Windows 10 PCs?

Adobe Audition

adobe audition audio recording tool

Adobe Audition is a robust, yet versatile digital audio workstation that will allow you to produce and export high-quality audio content.

Record, edit, and apply anything from music ducking, Studio Reverbs to fade-in and fade-out effects to your audio background and use that during gameplay for a truly immersive gaming experience.

The Waveform and Multitrack modes will take your audio to the next level. As a bonus, the Audition integrates seamlessly with Premiere Pro.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Record, reprocess and integrate audio into your gameplay
  • Essential Sound panel for professional-quality audio
  • Spectral frequency display and Diagnostics panel (cleanup, restoration, and precision editing tool for video and sound)
  • Rearrange any song to fit any duration
  • Library of royalty-free sound effects
  • Access an organized library of royalty-free sound effects to add personality or a professional feel to your podcasts
  • Easily capture multiple speakers
Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Record, edit and apply great effects for your recordings with the industry-leading software.
Free trialVisit website

WavePad Audio Editing Software

best dubbing software

Another great tool that can help you record your PC audio is WavePad Audio Editing Software. This is audio editing software, but it can also record audio with ease.

As for audio editing features, all standard features are available and you can easily cut, copy, paste, and trim your audio clips. You can also apply various effects such as amplification, envelope, reverb, echo, etc.

There’s also DirectX and Virtual Studio Technology DLL plugin support, so you can add additional plugins as well.

As for supported file formats, this tool can work with a variety of formats including mp3, wav, vox, gsm, wma, au, aif, flac, real audio, ogg, aac, and many more.

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WavePad Audio Editing Software also supports batch processing, so you can simultaneously process multiple files with ease.

Furthermore, you can create various bookmarks in order to highlight certain elements of your recordings. Additionally, it features noise reduction and pop removal.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Standard audio editing features
  • A number of audio effects
  • Support for plugins
  • Compatible with a wide array of audio formats
  • Batch processing
  • Noise reduction and pop removal
WavePad Sound Editor

WavePad Sound Editor

Try out one of the best tool for audio editing that you can also use to record your PC audio.

APowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder


Using APowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, you will be able to record audio from your computer sound card and the microphone as well. As you can see, this tool is free, so you can download it at any time.

You will not have to install any plug-ins or subscribe to any services. APowersoft will allow you to record your gaming audio and more on your PC running Windows extremely easily.

This program is easy to maneuver, and you will be able to hear the audio in its original quality. You can record sounds from various audio inputs such as the microphone or the system sound.

You’ll also be able to add your voice to video clips and save voice messages as well.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • This program will work smoothly on your browser
  • If you are a first time user, you will need to install a launcher, and then you can access the audio recorder with just a single click
  • You have to click on Start Recording and then select the audio source.
  • You will be able to control the audio recording by clicking Start, Pause, and Stop buttons
  • Press Show in Folder button in order to locate the recorded file in the output directory
Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Use one of the best online audio recorder for high quality audio from your computer sound card and microphone.

Filmora Scrn


This is a two-in-one tool for recording both audio and video during your gaming sessions. With Filmora Scrn you will be able to record gameplay audio and commentaries at the same time, even if you are a beginner.

Sound recording and then dubbing the sound on top of the gameplay can be a difficult task especially if you are not that experienced in recording game audio and film editing.

Filmora will make things seem much and help you transform your video into a piece of art with a simple drag & drop interface and powerful editing tools.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • It records both audio and video at the same time
  • This tool comes with an adjustable and high frame rate
  • Filmora Scrn is ideal if you are interested in releasing a streamed version of your gameplay together with a voice to play over the game audio
  • This software lets you merge together the audio recorder and the video that you have recorded from your game
Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn

Record your video and audio at the same time with one great software tool.
Free trialVisit website


Audacity is a free open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and it is compatible with Windows PCs and more.

The best part of Audacity is that this software comes with lots of trimming and editing options for the audio file when you are done recording.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • With Audacity, you can record the audio coming out of your computer while you’re gaming, among other features
  • This tool takes advantage of a feature that Microsoft added in Windows Vista, and that is called the Windows Audio Session API; this feature is also included in Windows 10 and it helps you with the sound recording
  • In Audacity, you have to choose the Windows WASAPI audio host and then choose an appropriate loopback device such as speakers or headphones
  • All you have to do then is to press the Record button in Audacity and click Stop when you are done recording

Download Audacity

Free PC audio recorder

free pc audio

You may think that recording the sound on your PC during your gaming sessions would be the most straightforward task and that it would come as a default feature but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Windows does not include the possibility to allow you to easily record the sounds you hear on the PC such as game audio and more.

But, fortunately, this free PC Audio Recorder is one of the best solutions to record your gaming audio.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • This software is tiny and easy to use even for beginners
  • You can instantly record audio from games for free
  • Any beginner can use this tool to record sound files from their PC
  • This program is compatible with all versions of Windows
  • The features of this tool include auto-run for users who want to use this every day
  • You will also get a choice of file quality as well

The primary use of this software is to record incoming audio that is not the microphone. In other words, it is records anything that is coming out of your speakers.

This free PC audio recorder is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a simple tool to help you save some audio while you’re gaming.

Download Free PC Audio Recorder

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

sound trap

With SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder, you can record the audio playing through your computer.

This streaming audio capture software will be able to convert any audio that is playing through your system to mp3 or wav files, and this includes the gaming audio as well.

The streaming audio is recorded by a special kernel driver that will preserve the digital audio quality.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • You can record audio played on your computer straight in digital with no loss of quality
  • This tool also saves files in wav or kmpk3 formats with a vast range of selected compression and codec options
  • You can also record and mix microphone input to capture both sides when you are recording a VoIP or a conference conversation
  • Streams can be recorded straight to the VRS Recording System

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder complies with Microsoft’s DRM singed driver model and it will not record streams if you use a DRM player and if the stream is marked as DRM copy-protected.

Download SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

These are some of the best game audio recorder programs. Besides allowing you to record your gaming sessions in audio, you’ll be able to perform more functionalities.

Make sure that you visit the programs’ websites to check out the detailed features packed in these tools.

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