15 best authoring software for your content [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • As the digital world is more valuable than the traditional one, there is a need for more online materials and course making software.
  • eLearning tools as Adobe Captivate come to facilitate trainer's work with innovative ways of creating and publishing custom content.
  • Besides Adobe Captivate there are other tools worth taking in consideration to be applied in training large teams who prefer blended training solutions.
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In order to choose the best authoring tool software, it is imperative to understand what authoring tools are.

Authoring tools, commonly referred to as eLearning authoring tools, are used to create, collaborate, integrate , and publish engaging and interactive content meant mostly for training and educational purposes.

The best authoring tool software lets you work with digitized elements, and/or learning objects to use in your trainings. However, they take on more functions as you will discover while checking out our top picks for authoring tools.

Authoring tools are important because content really is king, more so in the eLearning space.

To this end, trainers are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways of creating and publishing custom content that can be used on the Internet, in companies, or in CD-ROMs. In other cases, there is a need for doing ‘crash courses’ or rapid eLearning, like in organizations where information needs to be deployedand thereby reducing training costs.

Authoring tool software can, therefore, be applied when you have large teams with varying skill sets, or for trainers who prefer blended training solutions that use a combination of both classroom and eLearning material, thus killing two birds with one stone.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, here are our top picks for the best authoring tool software you can use in 2017, and beyond.

What are the best authoring tools for Windows 10?

1. Adobe Captivate (recommended)

Adobe Captivate 2019 release product

This authoring tool software helps you author batches of content rapidly on a HTML5 based platform. It is a desktop app available for Windows operating system and is touted as the most powerful authoring tool software in the industry, but it needs a lot of understanding to work with it.

However, you don’t need much technical ability to create interactive content as it uses wizards to guide you as you create and publish your content. Its features include color palettes, slide master, responsive and interactive output, geolocation capability, powerful scripting functionality, and you can define group actions when working on multiple projects.

You can get the 30-day free trial or buy the monthly paid version at $33.99.

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2. Geenio

authoring tool software

This authoring tool software is described as the next generation learning system. With Geenio, you can create, organize and improve your learning processes, whether corporate or professional, without using additional tools or needing any extra technical skills.

Choose your industry, be it business, recruitment or education, and Geenio will take care of the rest. Some of its advantages include increasing customer satisfaction and engagement, business scalability to meet market demand, educating and certifying business partners on your products, increase hiring efficiency using the online assessment tool, assess team competencies by finding strengths and identifying knowledge gaps, encourage knowledge sharing, increase learning process efficiency, promote your competencies, and grow student bases across the world.

In just a few clicks, Geenio gets your content to users on any device as it is also a Saas solution, cloud-based with full HTML5 support, and you can use it easily on a full scale. It is available for free, with no long term contracts involved.

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3. Elucidat

authoring tool software

This is a simple, intuitive authoring tool software designed to deliver high quality learning with a faster response time. With this tool, you can control the look and feel of your brand and content by creating templates and other material aligned to your brand guidelines, design unique and engaging content using the Layout Designer feature, speed up and simplify content creation using the Team collaboration feature such that your team can comment and leave feedback within projects.

You can also create and update multiple versions of your content with the Variations Manager feature, translate content to multiple languages and track user data globally, plus analyze and improve your content using the Analytics feature that captures detailed information about your content’s users such as their location, devices, time spent on the content and how they answer questions.

Other features include simple editing, HTML5 output which is modern and loads fast, browser support as far back as Internet Explorer 7, full responsiveness, future proof meaning your content is safe and any changes are automatically updated, an Asset Library, Gamification and branching, superfast hosting, and free reviewing options.

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4. Articulate 360

authoring tool software

This authoring tool software comes with the right apps and resources for you to create engaging and interactive content with high impact. Its award winning authoring apps include the Storyline 360 and Rise, among a slew of other apps. Features include over 2 million course assets such as templates, photos, videos, icons and characters.

With Articulate’s Storyline 360, you can develop custom engaging, high learning impact and interactive courses that can work on any device, plus novices and experts alike can use it too. Articulate Rise app is useful for building responsive courses in the shortest time possible, but you need a web browser only and you’re well on your way to create the most beautiful courses for any screen.

Other features include the Articulate Review which hastens the project review process with feedback provided in a browser, live training online using live webinars, no coding required, and a user-friendly interface.

Some of the benefits you get with Articulate include an active online community where you can get tips, tricks and share information, flexibility, and run your content on all devices. You can get it for $1398 or a 30-day free trial to test run it.

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5. Lectora

authoring tool software

This is an affordable, but powerful cloud-based SaaS authoring tool software which you can collaborate with anywhere, and at any time, plus it works with all browsers and operating systems.

Lectora offers benefits such as an intuitive interface, automatic file backup, zero installation, publishing to any learning management system (LMS), and it is easy to learn. Features include a quiz builder, collaborative review tools, pre-made actions to create animations, flexible scripting, access to eLearning Brothers graphics and template library, and a 30 day free trial.

You can also get Lectora paid version for $1595 per year.

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Authoring Software FAQ:

  • What are eLearning authoring tools?

Authoring tools, commonly referred to as eLearning authoring tools, are used to create, collaborate, integrate, and publish engaging and interactive content meant mostly for training and educational purposes.

  • What is the best eLearning authoring software?

The best eLearning authoring software is Adobe Captivate, Teachable and iSpring as they are tools that use wizards to guide you as you create and publish your content.

  • Is captivate or articulate better?

Adobe Captivate is suitable for importing content from Photoshop or creating interactive content with the help of virtual reality. Articulate 360 is the best choice for importing files from PowerPoint. In fact, both tools perform very well when it comes to creating powerful eLearning courses.