AutoKMS.exe : Here’s how it works and how to remove it

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AutoKMS virus

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The virus threat has always been there but, nowadays, it’s rising to be a major problem for both individual users and big companies. There are so many virus signatures circulating freely, but one that’s commonly known is AutoKMS.

Today, we brought to you details about this specific malicious software with ways how to remove it from your system for good. So, if you bump into AutoKMS, make sure to check the explanation below.

What is AutoKMS.exe and how to remove it

What it is and how it works

AutoKMS virus is not a virus per se, it’s more of a hack tool. Most of the time users download it intentionally in order to crack or activate unregistered Microsoft products, and there so, bypass the security measures and avoid payment. AutoKMS is graded as a low or medium threat, but, most of the time, the unregistered software that comes with it is the real threat, like Troyan virus.

On the other hand, it’s still an illegal third-party tool, so you can never be sure what you’re looking at. Since it connects to the remote host, there is a dozen of unwanted scenarios. It can grant access to hackers or download malicious software and much more. Some Microsoft technicians claim that AutoKMS is a variation of Troyan virus, but we won’t go that far. Simply because you can uninstall it anytime, and that’s just not the case with Troyan viruses.

Now, you might ask how it works. Basically, once you’ve downloaded a pirated version of, let’s say, Microsoft Office 2016, you’ll need AutoKMS to activate it. You’ll be advised to disable the antivirus, and that’s not a smart thing to do.

The tool can run in the background with the portable version or it can be installed just like any other application. It connect’s to remote servers to mimic Microsoft’s KMS Activation process. Then, it activates your license for up to 180 days. After expiration, you need to run it again and, voila, you’ll get a new license for 180 days.

It sounds great but it’s not. For various reasons. First, pirated versions of Windows or MS Office are not safe to use. Most of them might serve as a testing ground but not much more. Second, large installation packages are heaven for hackers, where they can tamper with files and add whatever they want.

Additionally, if you use AutoKMS with original Microsoft products, there’s a great chance that things will go south for you. Due to security measures, the whole structure can crash or substantially drop in performance. Therefore, we advise you to remove it as soon as possible.

How to remove AutoKMS

As we already stated above, you can simply uninstall it. Navigate to Control Panel and remove it just like any other application. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Search bar, type Control and open Control Panel.
  2. In the Category view, click on Uninstall a program.
  3. Find AutoKMS and uninstall it.
  4. Remove the downloaded installation files.

Still, it’s still highly advised to perform a deep scan with Windows Defender or any other anti-malware third-party solution and look up for remaining malicious files.

Best antiviruses at the moment are Bitdefender, Bullguard, and Panda. We strongly recommend Bitdefender for its highly rated features that will keep your PC safe from malicious software.

Follow the instructions below to perform a deep scan with Windows Defender:

  1. Open Windows Defender from the notification area.
  2. Choose Virus & threat protection.
  3. Click on the Scan Offline button.
  4. Save everything before you proceed because the PC will restart.
  5. Click Scan.

Your PC will restart and perform a thorough search for any malicious software and remove it. After that, you should be in the clear. In addition, it’s your decision whether you’ll uninstall and delete the pirated program or not. But, always have in mind that there’s no such thing as ”free” software.

Occasionally, you’ll ”pay” much more than you would by acquiring legal commercial Office. AutoKMS is only one suspicious piece of pirated software and there are others, much more dangerous files out there, carefully hidden within the installation.

What’s your experience with AutoKMS? Tell us in the comments section below.



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