3 ways to stop Avast from blocking your Steam games

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Key notes

  • Avast is a popular antivirus service for users with free and premium versions.
  • Recently, Avast One was released as a central hub for all Avast protection services.
  • Users have reported Avast blocking Steam games from running and flagging them as potential threats.
Feature image Avast blocking steam games.
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Avast is a popular antivirus that offers free and premium versions for users to try. As one of the oldest antivirus applications on the market, Avast is experienced in protecting devices.

However, users have reported that the antivirus is giving false positives when trying to run a program or access certain websites. These reports include Avast blocking Steam games from running. Steam is a free, downloadable service for video games.

If your issue is with Steam games lagging, we have another guide for that. Keep reading for ways to stop Avast from blocking Steam games.


What’s the difference between Avast Antivirus and Avast One?

Avast One is the latest security and protection service from Avast. Its purpose is to have all Avast security features in one central hub for easy management so users don’t need to have multiple subscriptions.

Avast One offers features like a VPN, firewall, antivirus, and more all in one. Avast is encouraging users to switch to Avast One from Avast Antivirus and Premium Security. Users can only have one Avast service installed on their PC at once.

Avast Antivirus vs. Avast One.

If you want to know how Avast Antivirus compares to Windows Defender, we have an in-depth look at both antiviruses.

How do I stop Avast from blocking Steam games?

1. Add Steam directory list to exceptions

  1. In Avast Antivirus, click on Menu. In Avast Antivirus click on Menu.
  2. Select Settings. Avast Antivirus open Settings.
  3. Under General select Exceptions.
  4. Click Add Exception. In general, click add exceptions.
  5. Either copy and paste the file path where Steam is located on your PC or select Browse and locate Steam. Either insert the Steam file path or click Browse to locate it.
  6. Click Add Exception.

This will add Steam and its directory to the exceptions list and thus should solve the issue of Avast blocking Steam games. When installing new games, be sure to add them to the exceptions list.

2. Add Steam games to allowed apps

  1. In Avast Antivirus, click on Menu.
  2. Select Settings. Open Avast settings.
  3. Under General select Blocked & Allowed apps. Under General click blocked and allowed apps.
  4. If a game or the Steam app is listed under blocked apps, remove it.
  5. Under List of allowed apps click Allow App and add steam and any games. Add Steam to allowed apps.

Adding all the games you play through Steam to Avast will prevent the firewall from blocking them. Be sure to also include Steam itself on this list.

3. Restore from quarantine

  1. In Avast Antivirus click on Protection. Click on Protection menu.
  2. Select Quarantine (previously known as Virus Chest). Open quarantine.
  3. Locate the game file and click on the three dots.
  4. Select Restore and add exception. Click restore and add exception.

Avast places any potential threats detected in quarantine to be reviewed. If Avast blocked your Steam game from opening, the file can be found in quarantine. Restoring and adding the file as an exception will prevent Avast from blocking the game in the future.

4. Temporarily disable Avast

  1. In Avast Antivirus, click on Protection.
  2. Click on Firewall. Open the firewall.
  3. Toggle the Firewall off. Turn off Avast Firewall.
  4. Select the duration of time to turn off the firewall. Duration of time the firewall is turned off.
  5. Launch the Steam game.

Turning off the firewall is not recommended, but it will prevent Avast from blocking Steam games. Setting a duration will disable the firewall for a set amount of time so it will automatically turn back on if you forget.

We hope the above solutions fixed the issue of Avast blocking Steam games from running. Avast is one of the most popular antiviruses out there, and it does a great job at protecting devices from potential threats and malware.

Users can have peace of mind while using Avast and with the knowledge that their device is protected. However, it can be frustrating when the antivirus blocks programs that are safe to use like Steam.

Comment down below what solution worked for you, or let us know if there is a different solution that is not listed that worked.

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