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Avast issues: Troubleshooting guides by experts

Avast Antivirus is a collection of cybersecurity programs developed for both home and enterprise use, providing millions of users with the possibility of using their pc and browsing the Internet without having to worry about cyber-attacks.

However, like all antivirus tools, you are bound to encounter some issues while using it, be it greater or smaller

What are the most common Avast Antivirus issues?

Interference with other software • Launch issues

Issues with VPN services  • High CPU usage

How do I fix Avast Antivirus-related issues?

There is no definitive way to fix all Avast issues, maybe other than reinstalling it all together,  and that is precisely why we’ve created an entire hub dedicated to this topic so that you can try a variety of solutions based on your particular needs.

If you too have issues with your Avast Antivirus, simply browse the list below, or use the search bar above to find what you need.

Common issues and questions regarding Avast products

Note: If you’re interested in other antivirus-related troubleshooting guides, we have a dedicated Antivirus Issues filled with such articles.