Here are 5 best software to backup Xbox 360 games just in case

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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The Xbox 360 is still a really popular console, and players all over the world are still enthusiast about it. There’s this tiny issue that comes along with consoles, and we are referring at the fact that games are usually in disc format and this means that they can end up damaged sooner than we’d like.

To avoid the disaster, the solution is backing up our games. This can be done using your PC. All you have to do is remove the Xbox hard drive and plug it into your computer, and this is the hardware approach. There is also the cable approach which involves connecting your Xbox and your PC with a dedicated cable.

Both of these approaches allow users to see their Xbox content as a part of their PC’s file system and then a backup can be made. There’s also the third solution, and now we’re referring to third-party software that can expand your backup and mirroring opportunities. We picked out a few great solutions that will allow you to back up your favorite Xbox 360 games just to be prepared if something horrifying were to happen.

Backup Xbox 360 games with these tools


Handy Backup (recommended)


This is probably the most convenient solution for creating backups of your Xbox 360 games. This solution can expand the mirroring possibilities provided by the Xbox Backup Creator, and we’ll also tell you how it can do this.

Just take a look at the best features and advantages that are packed in this useful tool:

  • Handy Backup is an all-purpose backup solution.
  • This tool is more than a data-keeping solution; it’s a universal tool that is extremely necessary for any gamer enthusiast.
  • The Handy Backup Standard tool edition lets you automatically save your Xbox and PC games to any place that you can think of in order to keep your games as safe as possible.

Here are the steps to follow to back up your games:

  1. To back up your Xbox 360 games make sure that the Xbox drive is attached to your PC as an external disk.
  2. Open Handy Backup and call for a brand new task wizard via the dedicated button on the management panel.
  3. Select the Computer data source option and open the Xbox connection.
  4. Choose the data eligible to backup Xbox 360 games and mark them via checkboxes.
  5. Choose the data storage devices that you want for your Xbox backup from the various possibilities that you will be able to see in Handy Backup.
  6. You will get to choose other backup options as well: full, incremental, differential, mixed backup and so on.
  7. Choose automatic execution for your task each time you connect your Xbox to your computer via a USB cable.

Give your task a name and the creation wizard is done. You will now be able to enjoy the automatic backup of your Xbox 360 games with this great tool.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of Handy Backup that comes with a full set of features and see how things go either on the standard version or the professional.

–  Download now Handy Backup free from the official website


Xbox Backup Creator

Xbox Backup Creator is another well-known tool for backing up Xbox games. This is just a tiny app that offers users the great opportunity of creating backups of their Xbox 360 games and the best thing about it is that you can get it for free.

Check out the best features and the main advantages that should be able to convince you to try it out:

  • First of all, this is an ideal solution for protecting your games to be able to play them over an extended period of time.
  • Using this tool, you will be able to create backups of your games for both Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles.
  • You can burn the backups on discs, and you can also save them as images on your computer’s hard drive.
  • You will be able to use the internal burning engine or ImgBurn/Nero if you have these installed on your system.
  • The tool will automatically detect your region.
  • The software was created to help users avoid all sorts of issues when it comes to creating backups.

The Xbox Backup Creator will be able to create a backup for your favorite games in just a few minutes effortlessly. Another great thing is that you can also use this fantastic tool to recover a game that you previously stored as a disc image on your computer. How cool is that?

You can download the Xbox Backup Creator for free and start backing up all your favorite Xbox 360 games before it’s too late.


Game Cloner

Game Cloner is another excellent solution that allows you to back up your games from Xbox 360, more consoles and your PC as well. This is basically a smart copy software that will enable you to copy games, and besides the game disc copy, it’s also able to make ISO files and copy them from your hard disk to a blank CD. This tool also comes with a few amazing options that let you enhance your game copy such as setting the burning speed and the type of Burn I/O and more.

Check out more exciting features and functionalities that are included in this software:

  • Game Cloner offers support for burning ISO files of Xbox 360 games and more.
  • This tool also supports the whole-disk game copy.
  • It creates ISO files from the original game disk.
  • It can successfully copy the ISO file from the hard disk to a blank disk.
  • The tool also provides support for reading .dvd files from the hard disk during the Xbox 360 game copy.
  • Game Cloner will define a temporary directory to save the copied games there.
  • You will get the chance to set the burning speed.
  • The program will also verify data after the burn is complete.

You can download Game Cloner and see how it works for yourself.



XboxBurner is a tool that allows you to burn Xbox and Xbox 360 game images. This is a straightforward app that was designed for creating Xbox 360, and Xbox images and even beginners will get the hang of it in no time.

This is a portable tool, and this means that the installation of this app is not a pre-requisite. After you extract the archive contents to a folder, all you have to do is run the executable file.

Take a look at more interesting and exciting features and functionalities that you will get the chance to enjoy if you download this tool:

  • You can save the XboxBurner to a USB flash drive or any other similar storage unit, and you will be able to run the app on any computer.
  • The tool’s user interface is a standard window with a simple layout, and the available options are displayed in the main frame.
  • You can open an image file from the hard drive via the file browser.
  • After you choose the burning device, you will be able to select the layer break and speed as well.
  • You can also check the device’s availability, reset the settings back to their default values and view log details.

Another great thing about this burning program is that it’s really low-demanding. This is a speedy solution that lets you crate Xbox 360 game images thanks to its straightforward interface.

Download XboxBurner now and start making copies of your favorite games.


Xbox 360 ISO Extract

Xbox 360 ISO Extract is a free app that can be found under disc utilities, and that was made available for Windows. This tool has been tested on PCs, and it seems to work great.

Here are the best features that are included in Xbox 360 ISO Extract:

  • The software includes a few tools to pack and extract ISO image files for the Xbox 360 console to back up games.
  • Using this tool, you will be able to quickly and easily extract multiple Xbox 360 ISOs.
  • The software can also automatically delete system update files, and it can extract multiple ISOs.
  • It shows a progress bar, and it deletes the ISO after the process is complete.

Xbox 360 ISO Extract is available to all users as a free download.

These are the best tools that will allow you to successfully create a backup for your Xbox 360 games in order to be prepared if something were to happen to the original versions.

All these tools come with their unique sets of features, and it’s best to check them all out before deciding which one is the best for your gaming needs.