Burn calories and get a slim body with BallStrike App for Windows 8,10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Keeping fit and healthy is a priority for most of us. While some prefer going out and jogging, others like the comfort of their own homes to make their daily workout. BallStrike for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a perfect app to help you burn calories and get a slim body.

While other so called “health” apps promote wonder diets diets and show you how to do exercises, BallStrike for Windows 10, Windows 8 actually helps you by turning working into a game. Also thanks to its awesome user interface and state of the art technology, BallStrike will probably have lots of users that will lose weight in a fun way.

BallStrike for Windows 10, Windows 8 [Review]

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (1)

While the app itself is free, users will have to buy the premium version of they want to enjoy all the different levels of the app. The free version comes with 3 levels, so you can get a sense of what it is and how it works. If you are pleased with the app, you can upgrade to the premium version from within the app.

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (3)

Once you’ve installed the app, when you open it, it will warn you that you need to have adequate light in the room you plan to work out and that you should be roughly 2 meters away from the screen in order to get the best results.  The next part of the tutorial explains how the game works: you will have to hit the virtual balls that appear on your screen and avoid bombs.

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (5)

Once you’ve gotten by the tutorial, you will see the main menu, where you can select one the 12 levels that the game offers (keep in mind that only the first 3 are available for the free version). Once you’ve entered a game, it will show you a image of a body that you need to fit in (you will have to move back until you appear as big as the model).

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (6)

After a few seconds you start the game, and you will see yourself on the screen along with the balls that you need to “punch” and “kick” in order to obtain points. This is all done via AR (augmented reality) technology, and it works by tracking you with the camera integrated in your device and creating virtual objects around you that you can interact with.

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (2)

The technology is pretty awesome, and using it in a workout app is something brilliant for those who want to keep fit but don’t want to get out of their house and are tired of a treadmill. However, in order to fully benefit from the app’s features, you might want to use it on a big screen, so hooking up your device to a TV would be a good idea.

On the screen, besides the objects that you need to interact with, you can see other information, such as the number of calories burned, the points you’ve gathered, the number of missed balls, the level you are at and the time remaining.

ball-strike-windows-8-app-fitness-game-workout (2)

Overall, the app is awesome to make a workout with, especially for those who are more tech savvy and like cutting edge technology. I hope that Windows 8, Windows 10 users will enjoy BallStrike and they will use it for their daily workout. While I was testing the app, I did experience only one problem, as the app stopped using the camera from my device, but it still worked. After a while, it worked again and I didn’t have any other issues with it. I hope that with future updates it will become 100% reliable.

Download BallStrike for Windows 10, Windows 8

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