invisible mode seems like a pipe-dream to many users

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Blizzard’s is a useful gaming platform that allows gamers to meet up and play multiplayer matches together, socialize with their friends, and install the latest game updates. The desktop app brings together all your Blizzard games in one place, automatically queues up patches and updates, and allows you to communicate with other players.

Speaking of communicating and interacting with other players, there is one feature that many users covet: Invisible Mode. As you all know, the chat app doesn’t offer an invisibility feature. This means that users can’t simply pretend they’re not there if they don’t want to talk to their friends. : To be or not to be invisible – that is the question users have been asking Blizzard to add invisibility support for more than three years. Players suggest that any modern day messaging platform deserves an invisibility feature, allowing users to control who can interact with them., is it really that difficult to add this feature? Other platforms offer this […] I’ve gone through the various threads requesting for this feature and so far no rep has addressed it. It’s baffling to see so many people clamoring for this and receive nothing but silence.

I’d really appreciate an invisible feature. There are times when I don’t GAF whether someone sees what I’m playing but there are also times when I just want to log in and play without someone saying a day later, “yeah I saw you were playing D3 late last night… what time did you finish?”

While Blizzard announced an upcoming ability to appear offline, this feature has yet to be released. users want the invisibility feature in order to get some precious peace from constant waves of messages.

After four years, many users are beginning to lose hope and think that an invisibility feature is nothing but a pipe dream.

If you feel strongly about this matter, go to this old forum post and have your say.



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