Battlefield 1 “In the name of the tsar” bugs: low FPS, server lag, and more

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Battlefield 1 In the name of the tsar bugs

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As its name suggests, Battlefield 1’s latest update “In the name of the tsar” is set in the cold winter Russian landscape. This DLC brings a series of new maps, a new mode, new weapons, vehicles, and a bevy of fixes.

At the same time, the update also brings issues of its own, as users report. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Battlefield 1 “In the name of the tsar” bugs reported by gamers to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of issues.

Battlefield 1 “In the name of the tsar” issues

Finding a match is a difficult task

Players report that they often can’t find any matches or end up in games that they didn’t select.

The new patch has some serious issues,the first thing that happend to me that it didnt find any match,the other was that i ended in a game i didnt pick and few players in that server.

Battlefield 1 lag issues

Gamers also confirm that this update fails to fix the lag issues triggered by the previous update. If you experienced slow motion action, rest assured your PC is not to blame.

Just tried today and i and a few of others were randomly dying by knife and bayonett kills, kills were delayed for a good 30 seconds or so before they registered, enemies randomly appearing beside me, still “Quickmatching” into empty servers which is nothing new. I’m sure theres plenty more we’ll all experience

Low FPS issues

Battlefield 1 is still affected by FPS issues even after this update. However, this time it seems that there is indeed something that you can do to fix this problem: use DirectX12. Players reported that DX12 mode seems to be working much smoother now for those with FPS problems.

So, if you’re experiencing FPS bugs in Battlefield 1, give DirecX12 another try.

Battlefield 1 looks grainy

If the overall Battlefield 1 graphics quality is not what you had expected, rest assured, you’re not the only one experiencing such issues. It appears that this update introduced severe chromatic aberration causing the game to look grainy.

I updated for the DLC this morning, played the game fine, came back to it after a break and then I notice this (Image attached below)
All the objectives, horse and tank spawns, medal trackers etc. look really grainy and have lines around them. I know it’s a game issue. Has anyone else got this problem? It’s really bugging me

Other issues affecting Battlefield 1’s “In the name of the tsar” update include:

  • Sound gets muted without any reason
  • There is no HUD
  • Spotting fails
  • Friendly icons are gone
  • Delayed notifications, etc.

These are the most common Battlefield 1 “In the name of the tsar” bugs affecting gamers. If you encountered other issues, tell us more about your experience in the comments below.



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