How to fix and customize Battlefield 1 aim

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For newbies and gamers who are recently logging into Battlefield 1 after a long time, you may feel your aim settings are a bit off. Although this is nothing out of the ordinary, the catching up might take some time for both first-timers or Battlefield players making a comeback.

The process to achieve the perfect cursor sensitivity and distance for a perfect aim is quite simple. The gameplay experience will definitely get better when you finally get the customization on point. The customization preferences may vary from player to player, weapon to weapon, skill to skill, you will have to figure out on your own what feels right to you.

Fix: Battlefield 1 mouse sensitivity and DPI issues

If you feel you are over-aiming or under-aiming, it might be because your sensitivity settings are not optimized, and when we say sensitivity, we mean DPI. Here are the main elements to take into consideration and customize for better aim:

1. Head over to your Menu > Options > Controls. The very first option you can spot is the Soldier Mouse Sensitivity percentage, but that is not your foremost concern as it means absolutely nothing unless you don’t have DPI set according to your taste.

Again user preferences vary for DPI and sensitivity settings, some prefer higher in-game sensitivity with lower DPI settings and some prefer competitive gamers prefer their DPI set from 600-800 with lower in-game sensitivity. Try using a 600 DPI setting with 4-5% in-game sensitivity.

A simple rule to understand how DPI works is this:the higher the DPI, the twitchier your aim is going to be. Gamers playing Overwatch or Battlefield 4, can easily copy their aim settings over to save themselves the hassle.

2. The soldier zoom sensitivity is the measure of how sensitive you are to movement when zoomed in on a weapon or looking down a sight. It is preferable to start lower. Start with low sensitivity settings just to keep things simple, progress gradually towards more delicate controls.

3. By zoom level, we imply the different distances you travel to make a 360 turn. To customize your zoom level for weapons, go to the Customize tab, select Customize support, and then select the zooming level for each of your weapons. You can start by setting the zoom level at magnification level of 1.25 and then adjust it to your own preferences. As a quick tip, it is better to have the same zooming level for all your weapons. However, over zooming your target is not recommended. Of course, if you use a sniper rifle, you can use a higher zoom level.

For more information on how to fix and customize your aim in Battlefield 1, check out the video below:



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