Best Browser for Armbian: 4 Great Software Options

Armbian is a computing build framework that allows users to create ready-to-use images

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  • Many users of the Armbian Universal Operating System have raised concerns regarding its accessibility.
  • Using the latest Chromium Edge browser guarantees better access to Armbian.
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Having collated a lot of complaints from Armbian users, the majority want to know the best browser(s) for Armbian. Therefore, this article will provide extensive details on it.

Should you don’t know, Armbian is a computing build framework that allows users to create ready-to-use images with working kernels in variable user space configurations.

It provides various pre-build images for some supported boards such as Debian or Ubuntu flavored.

This article, therefore, provides users with the best browsers viable for using Armbian.

Does Armbian support Raspberry Pi?

The Armbian community has finally added build framework support for the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer.

The Raspberry Pi build officially works on the Raspberry Pi 4B, though owners of Raspberry Pi 3, 400s, Zero 2Ws, and Compute Modules 3 and 4 can also install it.

Armbian uses Raspberry Pi OS kernels 5.15 LTS and 5.16 and runs the lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

Many current builds use the 5.15 kernel, with the 5.16 version deployed on edge builds to support hardware such as the Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS board.

How to install Armbian on Raspberry Pi?

  1. Visit the Downloads section of the Armbian official website.
  2. Scroll down to click on the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Click on the release version which you want to download.
  4. Wait for the download to complete.
  5. Insert the SD card into the slot, connect to your network and power your board.

What are the best browsers for Armbian?

Opera One – Most secure and integrated browsing

Opera One is the best lightweight browser designed for Windows 10 computers. Make sure to download the latest browser version or install the latest updates to enjoy the latest features.

Opera One uses very few computer resources allowing you to free up more RAM. In addition, the browser does not hog your CPU or RAM, making your computer visibly faster.

How we test, review and rate?

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For more details you can read how we test, review, and rate at WindowsReport.

Even if you install plenty of extensions, Opera One won’t tax your computer as much as other popular browsers. Hence, it is highly rated among the best browser options for Armbian.

This browsing solution has a few aces up its sleeve, allowing it to speed up web browsing without draining your PC’s resources. For example, the turbo mode compresses website data for faster loading.

The built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker remove ad and tracking scripts off web pages, which results in faster loading times.

It offers advanced privacy protection features such as a built-in VPN to keep prying eyes away.

Opera One

Benefit from complete support on the Armbian operating system and many helpful integrations for your browsing.

Midori – Best lightweight and rapid navigation

Midori is an open-source browser that should satisfy users. This browser has solid pack features but consumes fewer resources than some mainstream browsers, which can seal the deal for some people as their preferred browser for Armbian.

Some of the essential features of Midori are HTML5 support, bookmarks, RSS support, a spell checker, anonymous browsing, etc.

Speaking of HTML5, here is a list of the best editors on the market. You’ll become an expert on the matter!

It also ships with additional options, like tabbed browsing, the ability to change privacy settings, font/display settings, and startup settings.

Speaking of privacy settings, Midori uses DuckDuckGo (a search engine that doesn’t collect or share user info) as its default search engine.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about Midori is its simple user interface, which will delight all lovers of the minimalist approach.

The browser is very light, so it should be easy for you to get accustomed to it. Its user interface consists of the search bar, and the bookmarks bar, while content occupies most space.

If you do not feel satisfied using the Midori browser, try our following recommendation.

Get Midori

Brave – Most developed online privacy

The Brave Browser is another best browser for Armbian. Brave Browser has a built-in adblocker that is automatically enabled. This is the selling point of the Brave Browser, and it has certainly lived up to its promise. 

This feature allows you to eliminate ads, banners, trackers, cookies, and scripts and offers fingerprinting protection.

The Brave Shields feature also helps you upgrade any website connection to HTTPS for Armbian as a computing build framework that allows users to create a ready-to-use image on a secure connection.

What’s more, the Brave Browser integrates a software called Tor. This software allows you to surf the web anonymously.

Regarding the supported extensions, Brave can work with almost all extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Get Brave Browser

Chromium Edge – Extremely compatible choice

Chromium Edge is a version of Microsoft Edge that’s built on Chromium instead of Microsoft’s web browser technology.

Microsoft takes code from the open-source Chromium project, adds its features and user interface, and releases it as Microsoft Edge.

Chromium Edge is built on the same code base as Google Chrome, Brave, and Chrome Canary. Hence making Chromium Edge more viable.

Get Chromium-Edge for ARM64 here.

With any of these browsers, you should be able to get the best of navigating the web with the Armbian Universal Operating System.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all compatible browsers, but these are some of our best recommendations.

You may try any of these best browsers for Armbian on other distributions.

Please feel free to use the comments section below if you have further suggestions or questions.

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