Best browsers to open blocked sites and avoid geo-restrictions

Madalina Dinita
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The best browser to open blocked sites gives you access to online contents you desire without the usual government or company restrictions. Organizations restrict or block access to their website to manage bandwidth or reduce distractions.

To identify a site that needs unblocking is really easy. Most blocked sites could display a message stating you have been blocked from using the site. Others display an error message and then you can’t proceed any further. However, with the right browser for unblocking sites, you can scale through this hurdle with ease.

Websites could be restricted or blocked by keyword filtering, IP blacklisting or DNS tampering. However, this article provides 3 browsers or application that can help you unblock any blocked site.

Open blocked and restricted websites with these browsers


UR Browser


UR Browser best browser to open blocked sites

UR browser is one of the best browsers to open blocked sites and gradually gaining more market shares. UR browser competes squarely with sites like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. It is an innovative and technology-driven browser with built-in VPN and Ninja Mode set up to open blocked sites.

The double 2048 bit RSA encrypted key, incorporating an SSL certificate helps guarantee safe and secure data transfer. With UR browser you can access blocked sites, surf the net, discussion and chats with ease.

Learn why UR Browser is slowly becoming the go-to browser for so many in our detailed review.

UR browser has compatibility with most operating systems including Windows; designed for Windows and macOS. It has an ad-blocker, tracker to make browsing safe without interference. With the 4 x faster downloads and virus scanner UR browser sifts through all downloads faster and identifies the malicious program.

Other features include the customizable browser and home screen, game scanner, media library, hundreds of icons, themes, wallpaper, and backgrounds.

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Google Chrome


Google Chrome best browser to open blocked sites

Chrome is another reliable and popular browser used by many people. Google Chrome has an easy to navigate User Interface with a simple design that makes browsing easy.

The access to a large library of extensions makes Chrome one of the best browser to open blocked sites. You can simply add an extension to the Chrome browser and access any restricted sites with ease. Chrome works with any Operating system or devices including Windows OS and is compatible with your PC, and smart devices.

Using Chrome you can to switch to ‘New Incognito Mode’ to protect your browsing behavior and open blocked sites.

However, it’s best to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool as an extension on Chrome to open blocked sites. Using a VPN like the NordVPN on Chrome is more ideal. Check our list of top VPN solutions for browsing experience without boundaries, here.

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Microsoft Chromium Edge

Microsoft edge browser unblocker

Microsoft finally releases the Microsoft Edge to run on Chromium Engine with the support and set up used by Google Chrome. This, for now, covers Windows 10 desktop users with Windows 7 and 8 still underway.

To beef up security features, Chromium offers users three levels of information management. They include balanced, unrestricted and strict as well. The ‘InPrivate mode’ to keep browsing history secretly. It also covers the way users manage third-party access to web surfing activities.

Try Microsoft Edge Chromium

Dozens of browsers exist with assurance to unblock sites or secure user details and browsing history. The above offer some of the best browsers to open blocked sites. However, very few browsers like the UR browser can achieve this feat without VPN extensions.

If you must use these other browsers then you need a Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The NordVPN or Express VPN can guarantee fast and safe browsing. VPN can help ensure browsing even for blocked sites without compromising your security and location.