4 Best Browsers For Artists: Upgrade Your Creative Process

by Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
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  • The best browsers for artists should be compatible with most art web apps and other creative tools.
  • Another feature of the ideal browser you should use is the ease of use and high customizability.
  • Browsers with a high number of art add-ons and extensions give you many tools that could ignite and aid your creativity.
best browser for artists
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With many art web apps available, artists now prefer to use their browsers for designs. You can easily access the web for creative ideas and other fun features like playing drawing games online without needing to change apps.

The best browser for artists should have enabled features like a clean and customizable interface, art extensions, and other tools. But with the number of browsers available, choosing one that fits the bill might be challenging.

This guide has selected four exceptional options you can always use across various devices.

What are the best browsers for artists?

Opera One – Overall best

Opera One is the undisputed number one browser for artists. It is designed with ease of use as the focus on bringing out your creative best.

Opera One has a series of art extensions in its addons store, giving you increased functionality. These add-ons include the Clip Art Search, which provides you access to millions of images online.

Also, you can install Chrome extensions on Opera One, allowing you to take advantage of the numerous art addons on the Web Store. Moreover, this browser has social integrations like Instagram and others, making it the best browser for artists on these social media platforms.

Other features: 

  • Easy to customize
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast and secure with built-in VPN and Ad blocker
  • Easy access to social media platforms and messaging apps
  • Native AI and modular AI-ready design

Get Opera One

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Chrome – Browser with highest art extensions


Google Chrome is a browser grounded in many aspects and thrives in the art sector. It is an ideal browser for artists, thanks to the enormous art extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

There are extensions like Google Arts and Culture that shows you different arts from its endless database whenever you open a new tab. Also, you can install extensions like Muzli 2.

This extension displays the most relevant designs, arts, and photographs daily to match your taste for art. These addons, plus Chrome’s compatibility with most web apps, provide you with the tools needed to thrive in your craft.

Other features:

  • Secure and fast
  • Works well with art web apps
  • Lots of organizational features

Get Chrome

Firefox – Clean interface

firefox best browser for artists

This is another browser that is smooth and easily customizable. Firefox has a series of organizational features that allows you to keep your tabs and projects arranged.

Also, it works well with the best browser apps for artists like Procreate and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. This allows you to express yourself to the fullest without any problems.

What’s more, Firefox has a series of addons in the Mozilla store that can enhance your creativity. For example, with extensions like Art Up Your Tab and Art Saver, you can download the best artworks from top gallery websites and organize them well for future use.

Other features:

  • Clean interface to support art web apps
  • High customizability
  • Secure and easy to use

Get Firefox

Safari – Best browser for artists on Mac


Safari is the default browser for Mac users, and it is not surprising that it is the best to use on the device. It is a fast browser with a simple design that can be easily customized.

Safari has numerous art plugins that every artist will surely appreciate. In addition, you have extensions like Image Search that allow setting the parameters for images to find on the Google Image Search engine.

Lastly, you can use most of the art web apps on Safari and play drawing games on it.

Other features:

  • Simplistic design
  • It can be customized
  • Easy to use

Get Safari 

Which browser is best for Canvas?

Although all the browsers above work well for Canvas, the recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The pick of the bunch will be Chrome, thanks to users’ highest recommendation. However, the latest versions of most modern browsers should work well with Canvas.

Having the ideal browser for artists helps to increase your creativity on the web and gives you unrestricted access to art web apps and tools. With the browsers on this list, there should be no end to what you can achieve online creatively.

Are you looking for the best drawing software to use as a beginner? Then check our detailed guide apps that will let you express yourself well.

Feel free to let us know the browser that provides you with the necessary art tools to get going in the comments below.

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