5 Best Browsers For Elearning [Top Picks]

by Megan Moore
Megan Moore
Megan Moore
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  • Online learning has gained momentum in recent years and it can be hard to find a browser that supports eLearning platforms.
  • This list features the best browsers for eLearning that help keep you on track and organized.
  • For many students, eLearning is the preferred method of continuing education.
  • There are many advantages to eLearning, use a browser that optimizes online education.
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Students are utilizing technology for learning now more than ever. Almost every institution operates online to some degree.

Online learning has become the preferred method of continuing education for many students. eLearning provides access to institutions from all over the world.

Every student requires a fast and secure browser for all their online education needs. Keep reading for a look at our picks for the best browsers for eLearning.

What are the advantages of eLearning?

Online learning is one of the best ways to further education. Because of its online format; presentations and lectures can be recorded. This allows students to rewatch or re-wind until they understand the topic.

In addition, online learning encourages active and independent methods of learning. This teaches valuable lessons in research and organization.

Students can engage in education from anywhere in the world. They can also easily reach their instructors and peers through discussions or chats.

What are the best browsers for eLearning?


Opera is the best browser for eLearning.

Opera is one of the best browsers for eLearning because of its speed and multitasking capabilities.

One unique feature of Opera is the ability to create workspaces to easily organize and manage tabs. This feature also allows the user to search for open tabs quickly. This feature keeps any online learner organized and focused.

Opera also has a built-in VPN with unlimited data and an ad-blocker that can be enabled to get rid of distracting pop-ups. The snapshot tool allows users to easily take screenshots which can be especially useful for saving notes or presentations.

With Opera’s Turbo Mode, users with a slower internet connection can increase their browsing speed. Opera also has a battery saver mode that extends browsing time by 35% when not plugged into a charger. This is especially helpful for students that take their laptops on the go.

Key features of Opera:

  • Smooth multitasking features
  • Create workspaces to stay focused
  • Ad-blocker that removes clutter
  • Battery-saver mode improves browsing time by 35%


Take online learning to the next level by using workspaces in Opera.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome good for eLearning.

Google Chrome is appealing to students because of its integration with Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive. Chrome allows users to access these services even while offline. This feature is perfect for students that are on the go.

Its simple and clean design is appealing to those who prefer a clutter-free browser. It also has a wide range of add-ons for those who prefer a more customizable browser.

Chrome is also very secure with automatic updates and protection against any malware.

Key features of Google Chrome:

  • Google app integration
  • Sleek design
  • Wide selection of extensions
  • Malware security

Get Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge perfect browser for eLearning.

Microsoft Edge is another great browser suitable for eLearning. This browser has tracking protection and security that screens websites and downloads for suspicious activity.

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With reading mode, web pages are cleaner, and clutter is removed for the best reading experience. Microsoft Edge’s reading mode is a feature that removes distractions and caters to those with reading disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Microsoft Edge has a user-friendly interface that is customizable. There is also a Kids Mode that can be added to Microsoft Edge that provides safe and secure browsing for children. This is incredibly handy for children who are learning online.

Key features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Tracking protection and malware security
  • Reading mode reduce page clutter
  • Customizable user interface
  • Kids Mode designed just for children

Get Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) has received a lot of criticism over the years. However, while IE might not be the best for high-speed gaming, it is perfect for online learning.

It’s safe and compatible with many older sites. This browser is perfect for older computers or ones that have low RAM space.

IE is great for students that need access to websites that are only compatible with Internet Explorer. IE supports frameworks and tools like Active X that are specific to many eLearning applications.

Unfortunately, IE will no longer be supported on desktops starting June 2022. However, there are still ways to get access to Internet Explorer in Windows 11.

Key features of Internet Explorer:

  • Compatible with older websites
  • Perfect for older computers or PCs with lower RAM
  • Supports frameworks designed for eLearning
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

Get Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox great for eLearning

Mozilla Firefox is a browser filled with features that are helpful for eLearning. One of these is its efficient password manager that remembers log-in information across all devices.

Firefox is also known for its add-on selection to improve online learning functionality. This browser has embedded memory. If Firefox suddenly stops responding or closes for any reason, the websites will be restored.

Despite all of Firefox’s features, the user interface is simple and clean. It’s also customizable according to user preference.

Key features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Password manager
  • Extensive add-ons
  • Embedded memory
  • User-friendly interface

Get Mozilla Firefox

Whether you use Blackboard, Udemy, Canvas, or others, these browsers will improve your online learning experience. With online education becoming more and more popular, having a browser that meets demand is vital.

If you’re an instructor looking to create online courses, then check out this article for our top picks for course-making software.

With online learning a rapidly growing form of education, it’s important to have a browser that can cater to students’ needs.

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