9 Best Course Making Software For E-Learning [2023 Updated]

Create online courses easily with these great tools

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • Course-making software facilitates the process of understanding and presenting your training in an interactive manner.
  • There are plenty of software for creating online courses, but you should pick the ones that also help you share your work.
  • You can also use one of many web services that help you create interactive courses and collaborate with your team.
course making software
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The learning environment today is heavily influenced by digital technologies, so it’s no wonder that many are using course making software.

Whether you’re looking to create reading or audio/visual content, there’s a wide variety of course-making software you can use as a teacher, or for training purposes, if you’re in a company or organization set up.

Course-making software are tools used to create interactive and engaging training or educational material. They can be used to create materials for students, or employees in a corporate setting.

These courses can then be administered together with other learning material and/or systems, thus providing enough material on your subject matter.

Here are the best course maker applications you can use to prepare the course content regardless of your learning setting.

In addition, why not try student management software? It’s perfect if you want to always keep a close eye on your students and their progression.

What is the best way to create an online course?

The best and most efficient way is to use specialized tools. With them, you can easily integrate everything you envision for your course.

Luckily, online learning is becoming more and more mainstream. This is why we have access to modern and effective platforms dedicated to course makers and learners.

It’s very important to figure out your main topic of discussion and know your learner’s demographic. There are tools that can help you determine what socio-economical group is interested in your topic.

This will help you decide how to structure your course, and figure out a suitable pricing plan that is convenient for potential customers and profitable for you.

What are the best software for creating online courses?

iSpring Suite – The most versatile

iSpring Suite is an online course software that will allow you to create interactive courses, quizzes, role-plays, video lessons, and collaborate with your team on the project online.

The software is extremely easy to use, as you don’t need any kind of preparation in order to create your first course. Plus, the tool offers a rich collection of course templates and assets that allow you to create courses twice as fast.

Tens of thousands of companies worldwide already use iSpring Suite for employee training, and their success and gross revenue are a testament to how efficient the system is.

iSpring Suite

Create interactive courses with the help of this amazing tool.
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Adobe Captivate – Intended for professionals

Adobe Captivate 2019 release product

This course design software is a desktop app that helps you author batches of content rapidly on HTML5 based platform.

It is touted as the most powerful authoring tool software in the industry, but it needs a lot of understanding to use it, though not much technical ability is needed to create interactive content.

It uses wizards to guide you as you create and publish your content so you will have plenty of insight on how to get the job done.

Features include color palettes, slide master, responsive and interactive output, geolocation capability, powerful scripting functionality, and you can define group actions when working on multiple projects.

Adobe Captivate

Courses need to look good in order to be captivating, so create the most appealing courses using Adobe Captivate
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Teachable – Easy to use

course making software

This course maker software allows you to create and build beautiful online courses with a user-friendly interface.

Teachable has an effortless setup such that with a few clicks, you deliver an exceptional learning experience with a fully functioning school, payment gateways, plus sales and marketing tools.

This tool lets your students sign up to your school, view curriculums, and previews, as well as purchase your courses.

In this way, you actually reduce the hassle of orientation and registration that take up so much time when done in the physical school setting.

You also get to customize your website as you have full control over it, by simply uploading the content, creating your beautiful school, engaging your students, then sharing knowledge and selling while you’re at it.

Features include optimization for web and mobile, intuitive user interface, Power Editor for advanced developer customization, and many more.

It also features easy adding of multimedia items and PDF files, templates, a drag-and-drop builder, a free domain, global reach, analytics, hosting and security, interactive learning tools, and discussion forums.


Create online courses and coaching services at a high level!
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Podia – Best for selling online courses

Podia is a platform with multiple uses, one of which is course creation and online selling. It’s the perfect way to start your online journey.

All you need is your content, and Podia handles the rest. You can create a sales page, receive payments, and pre-sell or re-sell your courses. Podia supports all types of marketing strategies.

Podia offers the necessary tools so you can build any kind of course. Whether it’s a standalone, drip, or bundle of courses, the platform has the right tools for any of them.

Podia allows you to create the perfect look for your course that your clients will love. Customizing your website takes only minutes and requires no design or coding skills.

This platform is designed so you can make everything yourself. No sophisticated templates, text, images, videos, testimonials, customizable branding, flexible layout, live previews, and don’t worry it sounds too complex. It’s like a walk in the park.

Podia handles the toughest parts when you face obstacles online. Podia manages sales, marketing, content editing, organization, and much more.


An all-in-one tool to create, advertise and sell your courses online.
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DomainRacer – Advanced solution for professionals

If you need software to create online training courses then DomainRacer might help you. This service offers SaaS solutions that allow students to easily enroll.

With this service, users can create reports, attachments, certification generation, participation, and more. The service also delivers a premium video platform as well as live virtual classes with Zoom integration.

In addition, you can create and sell online courses, or construct online quizzes, games, participations, etc.

Overall, DomainRacer is a great service for online courses, so be sure to give it a try.


The professional way to create courses to boost your content creation.
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Articulate 360 – Great features

With this course building software, you have the right apps and resources to create high-impact, interactive and engaging content.

The apps include Storyline 360 and Rise, which help you develop custom courses that are fully responsive and user-friendly, within the shortest time possible.

There’s also the Articulate Review, which helps you speed up the project review process while delivering feedback in a browser.

Features include templates, multimedia items like photos, videos, icons, and characters, live online training using webinars, and a user-friendly interface.

With Articulate 360, you need not have technical knowledge as there is no coding required.

You also get an active online community for sharing information, and flexibility, and your content is accessible on different devices and platforms.

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CD2 Learning – Easy-to-use interface

This is one of the best course-making software in the market if you want to create interactive and engaging content fast and in the easiest way.

Features include a drag-and-drop interface, mobile capability to create content from anywhere and anytime, change tracking and recall, and the capability to construct games.

CD2 Learning also includes assessments, real-world simulations, keyword and tagging, automatic uploads to a content delivery network, multi-language support, and content listing among many others.

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Lectora – For desktop and mobile

course making software

This is a well-known brand when it comes to course-making software.

It is a powerful, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that can be used for collaboration anywhere and at any time.

Features include an intuitive interface, zero installation, and automatic file backup. There’s also a quiz builder, collaborative review tools, flexible scripting, and more.

You also have access to a graphics and template library, pre-made actions for animation creation, and easy publishing of courses to any learning management system.

Other notable features include Publish for Seamless Play option. Using it, your content will smoothly flow from page to page. There’s also Branch Track Integration to create and import scenario-based exercises with one click.

You will also find an Anchor Position feature to specify an object’s location on the page, Import and Export Question files, color selection, social objects, and customizable buttons among many others.

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Shift Learning – Affordable solution

This course-making software offers a single workspace on an intuitive platform with all the tools you need to work smarter, delivering high performance, and while giving you full control.

Features include an extensive template builder and library, and a built-in audio recording studio. There’s also an easy-to-use interface with no coding requirements and a drag-and-drop builder for custom designing.

You will find interactive templates where you can add multimedia. Speaking of which, there is also responsive design for mobile and desktop and a built-in review system.

Get Shift Learning

These are some of the best course-making software that you can use. Be sure to research them all properly before you make your choice.

If you’re a student or a teacher, we have something for you as well. Go to our education software tools guide for more useful applications.

Are you ready to create engaging and interactive content with any of these course-making software? Let us know in the comments section below.