Best education software tools for Windows 10

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Someone wise once said that you can’t put a price on education. And they were right. You can never have too much knowledge since there’s always room for improvement.

Fortunately, some intelligent individuals have developed online learning tools which can be easily explained to people of all ages.


All you need to do is pull out your laptop or smartphone, go online, log in, and start watching a video where an expert carefully explains complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand language.

The beauty of this technology is that you can take a break whenever you want and later resume when you are ready to continue. Without the pressure of a deadline or test as in school, there’s no way you cannot succeed.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best educational software that you can get today.

What are the best education software tools on the market?



Udemy homepage

There are many wonderful educational tools available on the Internet, and Udemy is certainly one of them. It provides an online learning service for anyone interested in any topic, whether you’re a student or just a curious adult.

Currently, there are more than 130,000 courses available on the site in over 50 different languages and more than 190 countries. All courses are taught by professionals in their own fields. If you are an expert in something, you can apply to become an Udemy instructor, too.

As far as categories are concerned, you can learn new information in development, business, finance, and accounting, IT and software, office productivity, personal development, design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, health and fitness, music, as well as teaching and academics.

For example, if you want to know more about network and security (applied in IT), you can learn about ethical hacking, cybersecurity, Cisco CCNA, penetration testing, IT network fundamentals, or Kali Linux. It’s even possible to obtain IT certifications.

The procedure is pretty simple: you get enrolled in a course, read articles, watch videos at your own pace (not live), and get a certificate of completion at the end. In some cases, for instance, if you want to get an IT certification, you have to pass a test to successfully complete the course.

The great thing about Udemy is that it supports multiple platforms so that you can keep up with your courses not only on your computer but also on your mobile or Smart TV.



  • Comes with plenty of free courses
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Encompasses courses across multiple domains
  • Available in over 50 different languages


  • Other similar services may be available at even lower prices

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The Skillshare homepage

Skillshare is also an online learning platform that teaches people various topics using educational videos. It takes a different approach than Udemy, in the sense that it relies more on interacting with the students.

There are currently more than 26,000 classes available for people interested in learning design, illustration, business, technology, photo and film, entrepreneurship, and writing.

Each class is split into multiple lessons, and each lesson is taught by an instructor in a video. It’s just like watching Netflix, only for self-improvement.

The first lesson is always free, while the remaining ones are accompanied by a lock – a sign that you must subscribe to a premium plan if you want to continue.

In addition to the class description, you can check out reviews and find out what user level is best suited, how engaging is the teacher, how clear are the instructions, how helpful are the examples, and if the expectations of the majority of students were met.

Resources, such as PDFs with examples, can be separately downloaded. Furthermore, you can schedule multiple classes by adding them to a calendar, save favorites, and share videos with your friends.

The good news is that you can try the premium edition of Skillshare for 2 months for free (requires a credit card).


  • The first lesson is free
  • Comes with plenty of video tutorials
  • Over 26000 available classes


  • Not available in as many languages as other similar services

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Closing thoughts on educational software

With the help of online learning tools like Udemy and Skillshare, you can fuel your creativity, add more skills to your portfolio, and constantly feed your mind to become a more healthy individual.