6 Best greeting card maker software [Templates Included]

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  • Being able to create your personalized greeting cards shows people that you care even more than just buying one.
  • To be able to create beautiful greeting cards, using one of the software options mentioned below will certainly get you started.
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greeting card app windows

If you are looking for the best greeting card apps for your Windows 10, Windows 8 tablet, or desktop device, then you have arrived in the right place.

We have found four interesting greeting card apps in the Windows Store and we’re going to talk about them briefly below.
windows 8 greeting card
There aren’t too many people who still make and send physical greetings cards today, which is a real pity.

Many are turning their attention to greeting card apps, and this is true not only for iOS or Android users, but also owners of Windows 10 tablets and computers.

We have selected four such interesting greeting card apps that we want to show you. If you know of other reliable ones, do let us know by leaving your comment at the end of the article.


What are the best greeting card apps for Windows 10?

Adobe Spark (recommended)

Adobe Spark - Best greeting card software

Adobe Spark is our top pick when it comes to software to be used for creating amazing greeting cards.

The main feature that separates Spark from all the others is the almost unlimited amount of templates to choose from. This feature simplifies the process enormously, and also allows you to focus more on the design of your project, and not on technicalities.

Even more than this, Adobe Spark allows you to edit any template to fit your needs and provides other useful features as well.

Here are some other features offered by Adobe Spark:

  • A very easy to understand and use interface that enables fast image processing
  • Low system impact compared to other software options
  • Crisp and easy to understand design
  • Works great for creating a variety of greeting cards
  • Unlimited number of fonts and themes to choose from
  • Can be used free for 7 days

Download Adobe Spark Free


greeting card maker windows 8JustWink is another interesting Windows 10 greeting card app and within the app you will be able to enjoy a good number of useful features, such as personalization options, the ability to send the greeting cards via Email or Facebook.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of cards too choose from! With over 500 cards for various events, JustWink is a must-have on your Windows 10 computer.

JustWink lets you personalize and send awesome greeting cards from your Windows 10 device to your friends, family, and beyond, via email or Facebook. Where no greeting card has gone before? We just went there.  Always have the perfect card at your fingertips—over 500 cards that will work for every who, what, where, and when in your crazy life! Cards that shuffle between, funny, bold, cute, trendy, sassy, heartfelt, sweet, and beautiful. Cards that open and flip and make people smile just like real cards.

Download JustWink now

Hallmark Card Studio 2019 Deluxe

hallmark Card Studio 2019 Deluxe greeting card software

If you’re looking for a simple greeting card application, you might want to consider Hallmark Card Studio 2019 Deluxe. This version has more than 19,000 Hallmark cards available, so you can easily customize them to create your own greeting cards.

In addition to cards, there are over 21,000 premium images that you can add to your cards. The application also has more than 16,000 Hallmark sentiments available to choose from.

Another useful feature of this application is a built-in photo editor that you can use to edit and customize your photos.

We have to mention that this tool isn’t limited to greeting cards, and you can create envelopes, photo projects, scrapbook pages, calendars and all sorts of other graphics right from this tool.

Overall, Hallmark Card Studio 2019 Deluxe is a simple tool that will allow you to easily create various greeting cards with ease.

Thanks to the extensive amount of available graphics and templates, you should be able to create beautiful greeting cards without any problems.


  • 19,000 templates to choose from
  • 21,000 images
  • 16,000 sentiments
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Simple to use

Download Hallmark Card Studio 2019 Deluxe now


Greeting-Cards windows 10 app

By using the Windows 10 app Greeting-Cards you will be able to make your birthdays, holidays or other events special and easy to remember.

Among the most important features of the app, we enlist the following – upcoming events cards, 15+ occasions cards, the ability to schedule greeting cards and even to download the latest greeting cards added from the server.

Unfortunately, the app is not free and you’ll have to invest $1.49 to get it on your Windows 10 tablet.

Enjoy its wonderful features, such as upcoming events greeting cards are always displayed on the very first category. Latest greeting cards are downloaded when the application is loaded.  You can also share greeting cards through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or any other program where you can share photos. Also zoom, pinch, and flip photo functionality have been added. Greeting Cards can be scheduled using Outlook. Download this app now and give your loved ones a greeting card for every occasion.

Download Greeting-Cards now

Greeting Cards Express

Greeting Cards Express app

If you’re looking for an app to create a virtual greeting card, you should also try Greeting Cards Express.

With the help of this tool, you will quickly create amazing greeting cards for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, congratulation purposes, and more.

You can also write ‘Get well’ messages, as well as ‘Thank you’ notes to express your gratitude.

Do you want to just express your thoughts and feelings? We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect template in this app, there are hundreds of cards you can choose from.

Greeting Cards Express key features:

  • Customize your own message.
  • Amazing Greeting Card animation.
  • Your greeting cards are compatible with all the major internet browsers.
  • You can also add background music.

Download Greeting Cards Express now

Greeting Cards Studio

greeting cards studio app windows 10

If you’re looking for yet another useful Windows 10 greeting card app, then have a look at Greeting Cards Studio, as well. Among its most important features we find the following:

  • The option to  customize greeting cards by using our picture and texts
  • The ability to pinch and rotate gestures to adjust pictures
  • If you choose the buy the PRO version, then you can even import new themes from the Wen.

Create your custom greeting cards and share them with your family and friends using your preferred social network. Choose a frame, insert an existing picture or take one from your camera and write your personalized messages. Text may also be moved in a different location. Adjust the picture, zooming or rotating, using the touch screen or mouse wheel (move the mouse while for zoom and press Ctrl for rotation). The application is fully functional, but you can upgrade to version PRO inside the application to enable extra features such as new frames, importing new themes downloaded from the Web, disabling the ads banners or removing the link watermark.

Download Greeting Cards Studio now

These are some of the best tools that you can use to create greeting cards, and most of them are quite simple to use, so feel free to try any of them.

FAQ: Learn more about greeting cards software

  • How can I make a greeting card at home?

The most simple way is to choose software from the options presented above, and Adobe Spark offers you all the tools you need.

  • How do I print greeting cards?

After you’ve created the perfect greeting card in Adobe Spark, you can choose the File option and click on Print.

  • Why are greeting cards important?

Greeting cards have always been used to show people that you care about them, no matter if it’s their birthday or not.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2019 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.