10 Best Network Traffic Monitoring Tools for Linux [IT Pro]

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Key notes

  • Network traffic monitoring software for Linux can help you manage your critical server and services.
  • Choosing the right tool helps you efficiently monitor your Linux network bandwidth usage.
  • The software options presented in this guide cover all the tools you could ever use for monitoring Linux-based networks securely.
  • Read through the details and find the best network traffic monitoring software to help you troubleshoot and debug your network.
Desktop Central is one of the best solutions that will help you manage multiple devices at a time, being great for both personal and enterprise needs. The tool allows you to safely:
  • Deploy software
  • Install patches
  • Manage software licenses
  • Image and deploy entire OS

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Device Control Plus is an excelent tool to prevent any data leakage via USB devices, as well as other media.
It limits the access of attached media to your PC, and therefore helps with:
  • Protection against insider attacks
  • Prevents any type of data loss
  • It is much more budget-efficient

Limit access to your personal data from potentially unprotected devices with this great service!

If you need to constantly check your network's log activity, then we got your back: EventLog Analyzer is one of the best tools to gather log data and display it in an organized way so you can focus on important decisions. The tool lets you benefit from:
  • Real-time log event correlation
  • Network devices audit
  • Augmented threat intelligence
  • High-speed log processing

Keep your network away from threats and control it in real-time.

NetFlow Analyzer offers comprehensive real-time data regarding the status and use of your network's bandwidth. Use it to gain access to:
  • Bandwidth monitoring that is flow-based, as well as comprehensive traffic analysis
  • It contributes greatly to your security analysis and network forensics
  • Effective voice, video, and data monitoring
  • Offers capacity-based planning and billing
  • Provides multivendor support and flow technology

Gain better control over what happens within your network with this amazing monitoring and management tool.

Network activity is an essential element of today's enterprises. Therefore, an excellent solution to monitor it is critical. OP Manager is a great software that allows you to:
  • Monitor important metrics: speed, packet loss, latency
  • Analyze network hardware
  • Effective voice, video, and data monitoring
  • Personalize your monitoring widgets

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OpUtils is an IP address and Switch port management program meant to help IT specialists monitor, troubleshoot and fix the most common IT resources. It works together with othe rtools to provide real-time management and monitoring capabilities.
OpUtils will provide you with the following:
  • Management over your IP addresses
  • Management ove ryour Switch Ports
  • Detection of rogue decives
  • Bandwifth monitoring
  • Management of your Config files

Give your IT administrators a helping hand and solve some of the most common IT issues with the help of this great service.

PC imaging, along with OS deplayment and cloning are something that OS Deployer handles well, making it great for large-scale organizations. OS Deployer will provide you with the following:
  • Hardware-independent deployment
  • Compatible with remote offices
  • Image live machines
  • Several boot options
  • Uniquely deploy OS

Deploy OSes on all remote office PCs from one centralized console with this company-oriented tool.

ServiceDesk Plus will greatly increase you're company's ability to meet customer needs by introducing a variety of tools, including some that focus on minimizing service downtime.
  • Seamless integration with many popular IT management tools
  • Customization without the need to know any coding
  • Intuitive automation
  • ITSM workflows constructed around the best practices
  • Provides multivendor support and flow technology
  • Cloud support

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Having your website data safe is essential and healthy for your digital property. Site 24x7 is a service that will help you empower the security of your digital property by:
  • Monitor website performance on the Internet
  • Synthetic web transaction monitoring
  • Real user monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring

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Auditing your network resources and having accurate information about your devices is essential. ADAudit Plus is a tool that comes with professional-level features to provide:
  • Document changes tracking and monitoring
  • Detailed overview of login and logoff activity
  • SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR compliances
  • Simple and fast implementation

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Password management is a key element in providing security for all the users within your organization. ADSelfService Plus is the solution that offers all the features to provide:
  • Security for remote and local access with 2FA
  • Reports on users’ password self-service activities
  • Instant password reset alerts to users
  • Access to the password reset/account unlock portal from users’ mobile devices

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus simplifies the Active Directory (AD) processes and workflows so your IT manager can focus on the more important things. AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams management and reporting are all covered!
  • Create multiple user accounts in one go
  • Modify the attributes of multiple users at once using CSV file import
  • Enable or disable users, and set account expiration dates of users in bulk
  • Change passwords of a single or multiple users

Manage all the Active Directory (AD) processes and workflows with one tool!

Recovering the data from unforeseen events like critical failures or ransomware attacks is paramount. RecoveryManager Plus is the ultimate software for backup and recovery ensuring:
  • Extreme backup compression and AES-256 bit encryption
  • Backup for entire or partial Exchange mailboxes
  • Online cloud backup and automatic scheduling
  • Total and incremental backups

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Detecting all events on your network and acting fast to fix possible issues makes a lot of difference. Log360 is a professional tool that interrogates all your network resources to help you secure them efficiently offering:
  • Advanced network log reporting
  • Customizable alerts and profiles
  • Monitoring file integrity
  • Monitoring the most important cloud platforms

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ManageEngine Applications Manager is a solution that offers the best Cloud and performance monitoring for your organization by providing:
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting with customizable threshold settings
  • User-friendly interface with customizable dashboards
  • Support for multiple deployment models, including cloud
  • Scalability to monitor thousands of applications and servers

Manage your applications with a professional-level solution

Secure all the browsing activities of your organization with Browser Security Plus, a complete management tool that provides:
  • Deployment of browser configurations, policies, and updates
  • Compliance reports for industry regulations & policies
  • Mobile browser management for iOS and Android devices
  • Browser activity management of the entire organization from a single place

Secure your organization’s browsing activities now

Controlling all your kiosks and content is a lot easier with Mobile Device Manager, a software that offers:
  • Seamless kiosk profile association and automated installation of apps and updates without interruption
  • Kiosk settings management, including screen timeout, volume, and more
  • Creation and deployment of in-house apps
  • Tracking the location of mobile devices to monitor

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Remote Access Plus is the ultimate solution for teleworking or remote troubleshooting the endpoints on you network from a single dashboard. You will benefit from the following:
  • No installations required
  • Over 12 built-in system management tools
  • Wake on LAN and remote shutdown
  • Complete control over Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints
  • Voice, video and text communication

This enterprise-level tool will help you fix any problems on your endpoints.

Zoho Analytics is the ultimate BI and CRM tool that converges data from all your sources to create extremely valuable assessment reports on your business. You will get the following advantages:
  • Analyze and track leads by source, status, and ownership
  • See your conversion rates and identify your most valuable assets
  • Analyze every sales activity, and track all the numbers
  • Combine your marketing spend data in Excel files or AdWords
  • Create balance reports easily

Take control over your business with this powerful analytics tool.

Network traffic monitoring tools for Linux helps you monitor your Linux network bandwidth usage and visualize the behind the network happenings.

These tools are essential to not only analyze and troubleshoot network related issues but many times can help you prevent them from happening.

Linux has plenty of open-source network monitoring tools available. However, premium tools offer more features.

The premium features include elements like monitoring network interfaces and ports, critical network services, firewall, web server services, network bandwidth, packet loss monitor, and even bandwidth usage checking.

In this article, we have listed the best network traffic monitor tools for Linux to help security engineers and network admins monitor the most critical aspects of their network.

What are the best network traffic monitor tools for Linux?

ManageEngine OpManager

network traffic monitoring software Linux

ManageEngine OpManager is a highly scalable and powerful Linux network monitoring tool. It can monitor all the Linux devices in your network for availability, including health and performance in real-time. 

ManageEngine OpManager is one of the very few network monitoring tools for Linux that can maintain an inventory of all your Linux devices, show your Linux devices’ real-time status, and identify traffic congestion in the interfaces and show detailed performance reports.

The intelligent Linux network fault management alerts the IT admin about network failures. Network automation helps with the automation of repetitive but important tasks reducing the workload on IT admins.

Key features of ManageEngine OpManager:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Real-time performance and network monitoring 
  • Monitor critical hardware components 
  • Recurring tasks automation

ManageEngine OpManager

Monitor network performance and other key parameters with ManageEngine OpManager.
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PRTG Network Monitor 

network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one network monitor tool that is compatible with Linux and allows you to keep an eye on several PRTG servers at once. With PRTG Desktop, you can configure your Linux monitoring environment, track your monitoring results and keep an eye on the network.

PRTG Network Monitor offers total control over multiple servers, making it an ideal solution for large network managers. It offers features like Device Tree Management, Multi-Server, Multi-Edit, and more.

Irrespective of the Unix system running, PRTG Network Monitor supports all the major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mx Linux, Linux Mint, and Fedora.

Key features of PRTG Network Monitor:

  • Access multiple PRTG core server at once 
  • Compatible with all the major Linux distributions 
  • Compatible with mobile devices 
  • Plenty of network monitoring tools 

PRTG Network Monitor

Easily manage all aspects of your network traffic on Linux by using this great software today.
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Zabbix Network Monitoring 

Zabbix Network Monitoring is an open source monitoring solution for network monitoring supporting various metric collection methods and protocols such as SNMP, IPMI, Active and passive modes, and IPv6 support. 

Zabbix Network Monitoring allows you to monitor network performance, including network bandwidth usage, packet loss rate, interface error rate, high CPU or memory utilization. It also monitors your network health and records configuration changes.

Key features of Zabbix Network Monitoring:

  • Support multiple metrics collection methods and protocol 
  • Flexible and extendable data gathering 
  • Autodiscovery to detect network devices 
  • Pre-made templates for metrics monitoring 

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Nagios Core

network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

Nagios Core is another open-source tool that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before affecting business workflow.

Core features of Nagios Core including comprehensive monitoring, visibility, and awareness to monitor applications and offer a centralized view of the entire monitored IT infrastructure. It also offers alert acknowledgments to provide communication on known issues with support for historical reports on alerts, notifications, and alert response.

Other notable features of Nagios Core include integration with in-house and third-party applications with multiple APIs, full access to source code, and multi-user access to the web interface allowing the stakeholders to view infrastructure status. 

Key features of Nagios Core:

  • Comprehensive monitor tools 
  • Centralized view of entire monitored IT infrastructure 
  • Event handlers and alert acknowledgment 
  • Extensive reporting tools

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Zenoss Zenpacks Linux Monitoring

network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

Zenoss Zenpacks Linux Monitoring offers monitoring support for Linux servers by leveraging OpenSSH for data access. Apart from the system’s health, it can also monitor LVM, services, and processes.

Zenpacks Linux Monitoring automatically discovers hard disks, processors, IP services, and file systems and updates their attributes and collections with modeling.

Additional features offered by the tool include performance monitoring, service impact, and root-cause analysis.

Key features of Zenoss Zenpacks Linux Monitoring:

  • Monitor multiple Linux flavors and versions 
  • OpenStack LVM volume integration 
  • Block device monitors
  • Dynamic view support and root-cause analysis 

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network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

OpenNMS is an open-source network management system to monitor Linux server applications and services. Built for enterprises, it can monitor millions of devices from a single instance. The flexible architecture allows service polling and performance data collection. Included network discovery system can add any new device that enters the system automatically.

Key features of OpenNMS:

  • Open source network traffic monitoring 
  • Flexible and extensible architecture for service polling 
  • Supported by a large community of users 

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network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness RRDTool’s data storage and graphing power. It offers the fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features—the intuitive and easy to use interface designed for complex networks with thousands of devices.

Key features of Cacti:

  • Network graphics solution 
  • Offers fast poller, and advanced graph template 
  • Clean and easy to use interface with multi-device support
  • User management features 

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network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

Based on the original ntop, ntopng is the new-gen network traffic analyzer that can monitor network usage. Its portability ensures it can be run on every Unix platform, macOS, and even Windows systems. Ntopng offers an intuitive web user interface for exploiting real-time and historical network traffic information. 

Key features ntopng:

  • Shows real-time network traffic and active hosts 
  • Ability to produce long-term reports for several network metrics, including L7 application protocols
  • Sort network traffic with filters like IP address, port, and layers

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network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

A text-mode application for console and X terminals, Htop is an interactive process viewer. Compared to top, Htop is an advanced process that is more interactive and works in real-time. However, the tool does not have a graphic based interface, unlike other tools in this list.

Key features of Htop:

  • Advanced interactive process viewer
  • Easy to use command-based UI

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network traffic monitoring tools for Linux

Darkstat is a cross-platform, real-time network traffic monitoring tool that captures network traffic, keeps a tab on data bandwidth usage, and serves the reports over HTTP. It is a simple and lightweight utility that can be installed directly from the software repositories of major Linux distributions, including RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu. Below is the command that you can use to install Darkstat on your Linux server.

$ sudo apt-get install darkstat

Key features of Darkstat:

  • Portable and efficient web-based network traffic analyzer 
  • The web interface shows network traffic graphs and reports on host and ports
  • Support IPv6 protocol 

One of the main reasons behind monitoring a Linux server is to know what’s going with your network at any given point to maintain and improve your quality of service.

All the tools listed in this offer excellent Linux network monitoring tools to track performances and extract detailed imports.

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