6 Best Cloud Monitoring & Performance Tools [Comparison]

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • With cloud monitoring tools, it’s important that you achieve maximum performance at all times.
  • Using cloud-based tools, monitoring your server and infrastructure can be performed on the go.
  • There are also tools that not only supervise your network, but also the applications and other devices.
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Nowadays many applications are running in the cloud, and if you’re a server administrator, you need to keep a close eye on the cloud performance.

There are several ways to do that, but the best one is by using cloud monitoring tools. Speaking of which, in this article, we’re going to show you some great tools for this task.

How can a cloud-based tool help you monitor and improve performance?

Nowadays, when the workforce is scattered across the globe, it’s a lot more difficult to manage your assets or monitor their performance.

But thanks to cloud-based applications you can implement solutions and manage the performance of your systems on the go, without physical presence.

A cloud-based interface will look the same on any system or device and your IT management team or technician can monitor and take critical action wherever he or she is, with a simple Internet connection.

That being said, here’s our selection of network performance monitoring software that works in the cloud.

What is the best performance cloud monitoring tool?

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG offers cloud monitoring thanks to the built-in Cloud HTTP sensor that will show the server’s response time and response code. In addition to the Cloud HTTP sensor, there’s also a Cloud Ping sensor available.

The software also supports Amazon CloudWatch, Mail Server, VMware, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Analytics monitoring.

PRTG Network Monitor also offers a bandwidth monitor allowing you to view your network stats in real-time. As for available sensors, there are 11 different sensors available for bandwidth monitoring.

There’s also application performance monitoring, allowing you to easily monitor all-important application data. To top it all off, there’s an extensive server monitoring feature available as well.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor offers great features, and we listed just a few of them. If you want an advanced cloud monitoring tool, this one is the perfect choice for you.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor features:

  • Cloud HTTP and Cloud Ping sensor
  • Support for Amazon CloudWatch, Mail Server, VMware, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Bandwidth monitor
  • Extensive server monitor
  • Application monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool optimized for server and cloud monitoring.

Free trial Visit website


If you’re looking for a cloud monitoring and performance tool, Site24x7 is certainly one of the most impressive because it analyzes your whole network infrastructure.

This solution monitors more than 60 performance metrics of up to ten servers, no matter if they’re running SUSE, CentOS or Debian.

Actually, Site24x7 uses key metrics, including even CPU usage by processor or by core, used and free memory, and others to monitor server health and availability.

Moreover, the IT management team can use a dedicated mobile app to perform start, stop, and delete actions on the go.

It’s not all about network data because the solution also keeps an eye on Microsoft applications like SQL, Exchange, and more.

All in all, with Site24x7 you will know every single change on your servers and network and will notify you immediately so you can take prompt action.

Site24x7 features:

  • Monitor more than 60 performance metrics, including CPU usage and memory
  • Dedicated mobile ap for on the go actions
  • Cloud-based dashboard for complete control
  • Friendly UI and simple implementation
  • Receive notifications and warnings based on your desired settings


Monitor the performance of your servers from a single cloud dashboard and over 60 performance metrics.

Free trial Visit website

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager PRTG network monitor

If you’re looking for cloud monitoring software, then you might want to consider Manage Engine Applications Manager.

The software allows you to monitor private, public, and hybrid clouds, but you can also monitor cloud-hosted applications.

As for compatibility, Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, and OpenStack are supported. Manage Engine Applications Manager also works with Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s possible to monitor your server with this tool and keep an eye on its performance at all times.

Manage Engine Applications Manager is an incredibly versatile cloud monitoring tool, so be sure to consider it.

Manage Engine Applications Manager features:

  • Can monitor private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Works with Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, and OpenStack
  • Can monitor cloud-hosted applications
  • Ability to monitor server performance

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Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor cloud monitoring tools

Another great software for cloud monitoring is Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor. The software offers cloud monitoring thanks to the available Cisco ACI monitoring feature.

Speaking of monitoring, the software offers extensive monitoring features, so it’s easy to detect and resolve network issues without too much trouble.

There’s also an advanced pathing feature that lets you visualize all your network paths. By doing so, you can easily get a better insight into your network.

The Alert feature is available as well, so you will get a notification as soon as a specific type of problem occurs. Of course, you may easily filter alerts and only receive the most important alerts.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor offers great features, and if you need cloud monitoring software, this might be the perfect tool for you.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor features:

  • Could monitoring
  • Ability to detect network issues
  • Extensive pathing feature
  • Advanced alert feature

Get Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor


DataDog cloud monitoring tools

If you’re looking for a powerful cloud monitoring software, Datadog is what you need. The software lets you monitor your cloud services, serverless functions, databases, containers, and much more.

It’s worth mentioning that Datadog has over 400+ vendor-backed integrations, so you should be able to use it with almost any cloud service.

With the Watchdog feature, the software easily detects issues, and you view all cloud and on-prem servers at a glance. Of course, it’s also possible to monitor the containers and visualize the data in real-time.

The software will automatically collect logs from your services, applications, and platforms, and allow you to easily view detailed reports with just a couple of clicks.

Datadog is a powerful cloud monitoring tool, and we just barely covered its features. If you’re looking for a powerful and professional tool, Datadog might be what you need.

Datadog features:

  • Ability to monitor cloud services, databases, containers, and more
  • 400+ integrations
  • Ability to view detailed logs and reports
  • Automatic log collection from services, applications, and platforms
  • Visualized reports

Get Datadog


NetData cloud monitoring tools

Netdata is an open-source and free cloud monitoring software tool and it can run on AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, various Linux versions, FreeNas, macOS, PFSense, and Synology.

It is incredibly simple to install, and you can do that with a single command. The installation process takes only a few minutes and requires zero configuration.

The software can provide you with real-time metrics, and thanks to the dozens of integrations it should work with all the latest services.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a powerful metrics collector that works with hundreds of collectors. Thanks to this feature you will see and monitor the health and performance of your systems.

Netdata is a great cloud monitoring software, it requires zero configuration, it’s simple to install, and it’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Netdata features:

  • Incredibly simple to install
  • Zero configuration required
  • Unlimited metrics
  • Support for collaboration
  • Prebuilt charts and alarms

Get Netdata

Monitoring the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, it’s relatively simple as long as you use specialized tools, such as the ones listed below to do it.

A healthy network will improve the efficiency of your organization and picking the right one for your business can also lead to both financial and personnel savings.

You may also be interested in our selection of the best server monitoring software to get other ideas for interesting such products.

If you have any other tools suggestions that worked for you, don’t hesitate to bring them in plain view by using the comments section below.

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