5 Best Subwoofer Software Deals For Windows Pcs Today

by Radu Tyrsina
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It goes without saying that having a cutting edge sound system just wouldn’t be the same without a subwoofer, but were you aware that your setup could sound even more amazing if you just added subwoofer software to the mix?

Audio equalizer software is out there from a long time ago, but not all of the tools can change the parameters of your subwoofer, giving it the oomph it so desperately needs. Or that you need.

Some software utilities provide you with the ability to either boost your bass by applying a half-automated preset to its default sound, but other, more advanced programs actually let you mess around with the settings so that you can reach results that are as close to your liking as possible.

Boom 3D, ViPER4Windows and FxSound Enhancer are only a few software solutions that fall under the category which we kept blabbing about above, so come see what makes them so special.

What is the best subwoofer software that I can get?

Boom 3D

Boom 3D interface

Although its name might make you believe it’s an old 3D game, Boom 3D is actually a software solution that was designed to help you change the way your audio system sounds without having too much sound engineering knowledge.

After you install the program on your Windows 10 computer, you need to log into your Boom 3D account (yes, it’s mandatory) before you get to toy around with your audio system’s parameters.

This tool greets you with a bunch of information on how to use its features as effectively as possible, asking you to define your output device and select the type of headphones that you own (if applicable).

Boom 3D then lets you choose from a wide variety of sound presets such as Windows, Vocal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and Bass Boost. Each of these presets can be customized to your own liking by simply dragging the slider buttons around until you’re satisfied with the result.

At the top of the screen, five more parameters, 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Night Mode, and Spatial, can be further customized.

Although Boom 3D can be downloaded and tried for free for about 30 days, if you want to continue using it to customize your audio experience, you must purchase a premium subscription plan.

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ViPER4Windows' interface

ViPER4Windows is one of those software solutions that have gained an impressive amount of notoriety in a niche market, as it was (and still is) pretty popular amongst Android users, but not any Android users; only ones who were brave enough to root their devices could unleash ViPER’s full set of features.

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However, those times have passed, as ViPER4Android has finally crossed the platform bridge and reached us Windows 10 users. The program can be downloaded as an archive, which you need to decompress before the actual setup.

Within the archive, you’ll also find some instructions that you might want to follow for everything to go smoothly.

ViPER4Windows enables you to switch between three usage modes: Music Mode, Movie Mode, and Freestyle, the latter of which grants you total control over the parametric equalizer.

Among its extra features, you can find xBass, which lets you define the size of your speaker (subwoofer) and adjust the bass level by dragging a slider until you’re satisfied with how things sound, but also xClarity (pretty self-explanatory), a tube simulator, a virtualized surround option, a convolver, pre- and post-volume controls and room adjustment settings.

ViPER4Windows makes it possible that you can adjust the size of the room you’re in, damping level, bandwidth, decay, density, pre-delay, early mix, and wet mix levels and save all of those customization steps in presets that can be easily loaded afterward.

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Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer interface

Breakaway Audio Enhancer is, as its name so boldly suggests, a software solution that you can use to enhance your computers’ audio components by adjusting most of its parameters down to the finest detail.

The program can be downloaded, installed and launched in a matter of moments. However, know that the first time that you’ll run Breakaway Audio Enhancer, you’ll be asked to configure a bunch of settings and your audio will be most definitely cut off during the configuration dialog.

Once you reach the tool’s main window, you’ll come to realize that it looks nothing like our screenshot, mainly because we’ve resized it (yes, you can do that). You can also dock it to the bottom of your screen and set it to be always on top if you’re into that.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer can help you adjust the volume of your audio output, as well as set the range, power, speed, bass type, and bass shape parameters without too much hassle.

More so, you can also choose from a list of references that are actually presets. Among the presets you can find Reference Classical, Reference Movies, Easy Listening, Eruption, French Kiss, Magnifying Glass, Oldies and more of these confusing names.

However, don’t judge a preset by its name, as we’ve done; you may find that the sound scheme it creates sounds nothing like a french kiss or a magnifying glass.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer can be downloaded and tried for free for 30 days, but a license must be purchased afterward if you want to keep using it.

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Interface of EqualizerPro

From boosting your bass to raising the trebles just a little bit, EqualizerPro can help you do it all, and in an intuitive, effortless manner, as well.

Among sound equalizer software solutions, this program stands tall and proud, showcasing its various controls that can make generating the perfect sound profile a walk in the park.

Among its features, you can find a 10 band equalizer (probably its most powerful feat), bass boost effect, more than 20 presets for the equalizer, pre-amp volume control and, of course, a convenient on/off switch that you can quickly flick to cancel the utility’s effect on your audio system.

Note that during the installation, your whole audio output will drop for a few moments as the audio service is being restarted.

Another thing worth mentioning is that also during EqualizerPro’s installation, it will attempt to download a bunch of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 components required for the well-functioning of the tool, but it will somehow fail.

The fix is trying to download the components yourself, otherwise, you’ll end up staring at an “MSVCR120.dll not found” kind of error, which we all can agree that is never pleasant.

EqualizerPro requires a paid license in order to run, but it also offers a 7-day trial. The catch is that you have to provide your credit card details for those seven days of demo.

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FxSound Enhancer

FxSound Enhancer's main window

FxSound Enhancer’s name is already pretty suggestive, but it’s worth mentioning that “sound enhancer” just doesn’t do justice for this program’s full array of audio customization features.

If you want to be blown back by its capabilities, consider the following experiment: play your favorite tune, then begin installing the program. During setup, at some point, the audio will be completely cut and will stay that way for a while.

But when it does come back, you’ll have trouble realizing that yes, those are the same speakers that were playing music before and that only a bit of audio tweaking has changed everything for the better.

The interface of the tool is separated into three different sections that are relevant to us, Spectrum, Effects, and EQ. While Spectrum is only there to look pretty, Effects and EQ are the places where all the magic takes place.

The Effects section enables you to customize sound fidelity, ambiance, 3D surround level, dynamic boost value, and bass enhancement. Furthermore, the EQ comes with a 9 band equalizer which allows you to fine-tune the sound in order to create an ideal audio experience.

FxSound Enhancer can be downloaded and used for 7 days for free, but you need to purchase a license afterward if you want to keep on using it.

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Conclusion subwoofer software for Windows PCs

If you’ve just bought a brand new, awesome audio system and want to get the best of it, don’t just leave it on default; a bit of software-based audio tweaking can go a long way when it comes to sound quality, especially if you turn to specialized tools.

Most of the audio enhancement programs available nowadays not only come with seemingly-uncomplicated, adjustable multi-band equalizers but they also encompass a broad range of presets, allowing you to switch to your favorite profile quickly, but also learn a few things about audio modeling while you’re at it.

Whether your choice is Boom 3D, FxSound Enhancer, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, you can’t go wrong with these software solutions that were designed to help you reach the audio quality you’ve been craving for all this time.

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