7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime on Windows 10

Find out how to perform a clean boot and more to solve this error

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Key notes

  • The Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error is usually caused by the absence of Runtime components of Visual C++.
  • Removing the graphics card driver and using drivers updated to the latest version may help.
  • Perform a clean boot, as third-party and startup apps can interfere with the OS.
Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library

After updating your PC to the latest version, you expect everything should work perfectly. However, users are complaining that they are prompted by a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error.

This message reads: This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Just like with the Microsoft Visual C++ error 0x80070666 error, you can fix this issue with our solutions.

Still, you won’t need to worry because we have a fix to the Visual C++ runtime library error in Windows 10 and you can continue your normal use of the operating system afterward.

What is the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error?

There’s also a chance that the Visual C++ feature is broken or corrupt. In this case, we recommend a third-party tool to automatically download all the outdated drivers on your PC.

What is a C++ runtime error?

A program is said to have a runtime error if its syntax is proper yet it has a bug that can only be found while the program is being executed.

This error could be brought on by the absence of Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries, or it might be the result of a fault with the software.

What causes Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error?

Visual C++ is a basic component of many applications, and if it gets damaged, you’ll get various error messages on your PC.

Many users reported that they Cannot install Visual C++ 2015, and that can negatively impact all applications that require this component.

These issues affect every version of Windows, and many reported Runtime error in Windows 11 as well. Luckily, there are ways to fix these problems, and this guide will show you how to do that.

The Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error can be problematic, and speaking of errors, users reported the following issues as well:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error r6025, r6034, r6016, r6030, r6002 – When this error comes with an error code, it can be due to corrupt files.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error in explorer.exe, qbw32.exe, atibtmon.exe, csrss.exe, nvvsvc.exe: This is caused by a problem with a particular application that depends on the Visual C++ feature. You can fix it by reinstalling the application.
  • A Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error in Excel, Internet Explorer, Skype, Steam, Java: In this case also, the error occurs due to an application that depends on one of the Redistributables.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error on startup: This is usually caused by your startup applications.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error in Nvidia: This version of the error is caused by outdated or faulty drivers.
  • The Microsoft Visual C++ setup failed, not installing: Several users reported that they can’t install Visual C++. According to them, the setup fails to complete on their PC.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ unspecified error: This can be a big problem, but you should be able to fix it using one of our solutions.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ keeps crashing: This can also be caused by broken or missing files. You need to reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables to fix it.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error assertion failed: This problem is usually down to the app that gives the error while trying to run it.
  • A Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error abnormal program termination: If you encounter this issue on startup, it might be down to one of the startup programs.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error stray: This is an error that occurs if you are missing one of the Redistributables on your PC.
  • Mechwarrior 5 Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error: This is another error that occurs if one of the runtime redistributable is missing on your PC.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error games: Sometimes, the error occurs in games because of an outdated or broken Microsoft Visual C++ runtime version.

Can we uninstall Microsoft Visual C++?

Yes, you can uninstall some of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables but it is not advisable. This is because there are software and programs on your PC that rely on one or more of them.

So, when you uninstall any one of the Redistributables, the software that relies on it stops working.

How do I fix the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error on Windows 10?

1. Perform a clean boot

  1. Press the Windows key + R, type msconfig, and click OK to run it.
  2. Click the Services tab in the top and check the box next to Hide all Microsoft services.
  3. Now, click the Disable all button.clean boot system configuration
  4. Select the General tab at the top.
  5. From here, tick the Selective startup box and uncheck the box next to Load startup items.
  6. Finally, click Apply and OK to save changes. and restart your system.
    selective startup general system configuration

Sometimes, third-party and startup applications can interfere with your system and cause Microsoft Visual C++ runtime errors to appear. To fix this problem, you need to perform a clean boot.

If you do not get the error anymore you will have to do this step, but this time disable the applications one by one and see exactly which of them is causing this error to appear.

2. Remove your graphics card driver

  1. Type device manager in the Search bar and select Device Manager from the list of results.
    device manager
  2. Expand the Display adapters section, and right-click your graphics card.
  3. Select the Uninstall device option from the menu.
    uninstall device device manager
  4. Check Delete the driver software for this device and click on Uninstall.
    uninstall device device manager
  5. Finally, restart your PC and the driver will be reinstalled automatically.

Your graphics card driver can often cause Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error, and to fix it you need to reinstall your graphics card driver.

If you do not then it means that you need to update your graphics card driver to the latest version that is compatible with your Windows 10 system version.

To see how to update your drivers, we advise you to check out our detailed guide on how to update your graphics card driver.

Another solution is to automatically update your graphic card drivers using a dedicated tool that keeps you away from harming your PC by updating or installing the wrong drivers.

With Outbyte Driver Updater, you can update all of your drivers quickly and safely with only a few clicks.

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3. Reinstall Windows 10

  1. Restart your PC several times during the boot and select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.
  2. Choose whether to keep your personal files or Remove everything.
  3. Insert Windows 10 installation media, if you are asked to do so.
  4. Select the installed version of Windows and choose Only the drive where Windows is installed > Just remove my files.
  5. Now, click the Reset button.
  6. Finally, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the reset.

If the problem still persists, your only option might be to reinstall Windows. Before you do that, try to access your files and back them up. To reinstall Windows 10, you’ll need a Windows installation media.

To create one, you’ll need to use Media Creation Tool on a working PC. After creating an installation media, follow the above steps.

After you successfully reinstalled the operating system, you will have to make sure that you do not update your PC until Microsoft fixes the issues with Visual C++ runtime error.

4. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

To fix the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error, you can learn the simple but efficient method to reinstall your Visual C++ Redistributables. To do that, follow the steps detailed below.

1. Press the Windows key + S, enter Control panel and select Control Panel from the list.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error r6034

2. Choose Uninstall a program under the Programs option.

going uninstall program control panel

3. Locate Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, and double-click it to remove.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error Internet Explorer

4. Finally, click the Yes button when prompted to complete the process.

Once you remove all Redistributables, you have to download them from Microsoft’s website. Keep in mind that you’ll have to install all available Redistributables in order to fix this problem.

Instead of reinstalling the Redistributables, you can also repair your installation by following the steps below:

1. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from above, and click on the Redistributable to repair.

2. Click the Change button at the top.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error on startup

3. Click on the Repair button in the setup windows and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Microsoft Visual C++ not installing

Keep in mind that not all Redistributables support repair. If the Change option from step 2 isn’t available, your only option is to remove the selected Redistributable.

This might be a bit tedious solution, but many users reported that reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributables fixed the problem for them, so be sure to try it.

5. Create a new user account

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app, and select Accounts.
    settings accounts
  2. Click Family & other people in the left pane and select Add someone else to this PC.
    family & other people
  3. Click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
    dont have sign in information
  4. Now click on Add a user without a Microsoft account.
    add another Microsoft user account
  5. Enter the desired name for a new account and click on Next.
    create an account

If you’re still getting Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error, you might be able to fix the problem simply by creating a new user account.

After creating a new account, you need to sign out from your current account and switch to a new one. If the problem doesn’t appear, it means that your old account is corrupted.

To fix the problem, move your personal files to a new account and use it instead of your old account.

6. Turn off the Compatibility mode

  1. Right-click the app causing the problem and choose Properties from the menu.
    Properties contextual menu
  2. Go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  3. Now, click on Apply and OK to save changes.
    run in compatibility mode

Compatibility mode is a useful feature that allows you to run old applications on your PC. However, this feature can sometimes cause Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error to appear.

To fix the problem, you need to disable Compatibility Mode by following the above steps. After doing that, try to run the application again and the error message shouldn’t appear.

7. Reinstall the problematic application

  1. Press the Windows key + I and select Apps.
  2. Click on the app to remove, select Uninstall, and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process.
  3. Finally, download and install the app from official sources.

If you’re getting the Microsoft Visual C++ error while trying to run a specific app, you might want to try reinstalling that application. Sometimes your files can get corrupted, and that can cause this error to appear.

You are done, the steps above will fix your Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error in the shortest time possible.

For other error that crashes important software on your PC, check out our comprehensive guide to fix the runtime error r6025 in Visual C++.

If you encounter any other troubles along the way, you can write us below in the comments section of the page and we will help you further with this issue.

Also, please leave there any other suggestions or questions you may have.

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