Best Windows RT Games For You to Play

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Best Windows RT Games

In our opinion, these are one of the best Windows RT games out there that you can install on your tablet and start playing. If you know any other worthy Windows RT games, do let us know by leaving your comment and we will definitely add it to the list.

Our favorite pastime – games, and to be more specific, video games. Even from the good old days of the arcade games and right up to games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, one of the most important aspects of the computer industry is gaming. So much that gaming has paved the road for computer innovation.

Nowadays, with the rise of Windows 8 and mobile technology being the thing on everyone’s minds, developers are trying to create games that work on multiple platforms. This is why Windows 8/RT has so much potential when it comes to games. Windows RT games will work on any type of device, be it a computer or a tablet, and games for Windows RT have surpassed our expectations in the same way as Android or iOS game had a while back.

What are the best Windows RT games?

We’ve previously talked about some games, here at Wind8Apps, and we’ve reviewed some pretty awesome games, but now we’re trying to find what are the best Windows RT games available. As you might know, choosing “the best game” is not quite easy, as each of us have different tastes and we enjoy different types of games. However, I’ll try to create a top of the best Windows 8 games based on a few elements:

  • Graphics – how well the game looks
  • Gameplay – ease of use and other game elements
  • Quality – stability of the game, number of features etc
  • User Rating – this is also an important part, as users are the best critics

Based on these aspects, I tried to put together a list of the best games for Windows RT. Some titles were previously reviewed, so, if you want to know more about them, I’ll provide links to the previous articles so you read about them. But now, let’s see which were the best games I could find on the Windows Store.

Adventure Games

windows-8-best-games-Enigmatis The Ghosts of Maple Creek

Coming from a long line of similar games, Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek is a wonderful point and click Windows 8 adventure game that will keep players entertained and coming back for more. When testing the game, I was impressed by the very high quality of the graphics, as well as the ease of use.

Of course, the various puzzles throughout the game are pretty challenging, but if you pay attention, you’ll have no problems whatsoever. A word of warning though: within this game lies addiction.

best-windows-8-games-rt-ga,es-Abyss The Wraiths of Eden

Offering players a captivating story and very simple gameplay, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is a Windows RT game that will keep even the most particular gamer captivated for a while. The high quality graphics that the game has fall in the same category as the others coming from this developer.

I can admit that I played all the related games and I had fun every single time. Even though the gameplay is the same, the story will make players curious and wanting to play as soon as they start it.

windows-8-adventure-games-Nightmares From The Deep The Cursed Heart

If you are interested in a game that has a very interesting plot that will keep you interested day in and day out, high quality graphics and easy gameplay, then Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart is the Windows RT game for you.

The developer of the game has put a lot of work in it to make it as good as his other games. Point-and-click games rarely get as good as this game. I highly recommend it as one of the best Windows RT adventure games I have ever tired.

games-for-windows-rt-8-best-games-Dark Arcana The Carnival

Like other games from the same developer, Dark Arcana: The Carnival is simply stunning. As a point-and-click game, some might think that it doesn’t offer much, but the story behind it is fascinating. Also, the textures and graphics are amazing.

While playing the game, I was always wondering what awesome level will come next and what new puzzle I would have to solve. Overall, the game is awesome, and I recommend it to any adventure fan who likes to unravel mysteries. While the game it not free, it does have a free demo that you can try, just to get a feel of what it’s like.


Adera is a free Windows RT adventure game that players will definitely find thrilling. The graphics of the game are exquisite, much better than what I originally expected. The gameplay is similar to the other Windows 8/RT adventure games, and if you are a fan of puzzles and twisting stories, then you will definitely enjoy Adera for Windows 8/RT.

Within the game, you will have to solve different puzzles and other mini-games that will keep you entertained. The game is pretty straight forward, with a linear storyline, but it makes for a pretty good weekend game that players can enjoy.

Shooter/Action Games

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies-windows-8-rt-shooter-game

We all like  a good zombie killing game from time to time. It’s strange how it takes the edge off and it allows us to relax when we’re blowing the head off from a green-blooded zombie that’s out to get us. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies is exactly like this, throwing wave after wave of zombies at you and you.

While the graphics are a bit more rugged than on other games, the gameplay is very immersive and fun. For more information about Judge Dredd. vs. Zombies, you can read our full review of the game.

Arcade Games

best-windows-8-arcade-games-windows-rt-games-Jetpack Joyride

In true style of Arcade games, Jetpack Joyride is a coin-grabbing, fast paced fun factory. The decent graphics, tons of upgrades and very fun gameplay make it a perfect addition to every Windows RT device. In the time I’ve tested the game, I was amazed at how much I liked it, despite the odd names that are given to each upgrade.

If you are looking for a great free Windows RT game, then this is the one to go for. But be warned, it can become addictive and you won’t notice the hours passing you by.

Fruit Ninja-for-windows-rt-8-best-games-arcade

Although I am not a big fan of this game, it has lots of fans on all mobile platforms. Android and iOS users have played Fruit Ninja on their devices for a long time, and seeing that it has been appreciated by the audience, the developers, Halfbrick, have created the Windows RT version.

Fruit Ninja for Windows RT has in stored for its players the same great graphics as before and the same intense gameplay that we are all used to. The game offers users a free demo, but if they want to have all the features, they will have to buy it.

Simulator/Tycoon Games

tycoon-game-windows-8-simulator-game-best-games-Game Dev Tycoon

I must admit I’m not a huge fan of simulator games, and at first, I didn’t think much of Game Dev Tycoon. After I started playing the game, I went on and on playing a few good hours straight. I never thought that a Windows RT simulator game would be so interesting.

In a few short hours, it has become one of my favorite Windows 8/RT games and I can hardly wait for the PC version to be available so I can play it on my Windows 7 computer also. I bow my head to the developers! A truly great idea that has become a great Windows RT game!

Other Awesome Windows 8/RT Games

If you haven’t seen our past reviews of Windows 8/RT games, then you should take a look over them. We’ve featured puzzle games, solitaire games and a number of other interesting titles. Stay tuned, as we’ll be coming back with other great games for Windows 8/RT.

Although I find these games awesome, some of you might not think I was right about all of them, or you might think I should have added other titles that you like. Keep in mind that each of us has different tastes, and so, what I like, you might find not at all pleasing. However, if you think I omitted some great games, please let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll try to add your game to the list.

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