Best Windows RT Games: Puzzle Games

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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App developers have really took to Windows 8/RT and thanks to this, a lot of awesome apps and games have surfaced. In this series, we’ll be tracking down the best Windows RT games and we’ll let you know which games we liked the most. Our first part in the Best Windows RT Games Series is all about Puzzle Games.

We’ve featured a few Windows 8 puzzle games in the past, here at Wind8Apps, but today, we’re taking a look at some other awesome games that you should know about. If haven’t had the chance to see our past reviews, here’s a quick recap of the Windows RT puzzle games we’ve covered so far:

Best Windows RT Puzzle Games

best-windows-rt-puzzle-games (4)

The best way I can describe this game is Angry Birds meets Jaws. In Shark Dash! players have to aim and shoot a shark at coins and ducks and catch them all with as fewer tries as possible. The graphics of the game are awesome and the diversity of the levels is one of its best features.

If there was ever a better Angry Birds alternative for Windows RT, then Gameloft’s Shark Dash! is that game. The game has a great overall quality, which is something we have come expect from anything that comes from Gameloft.

best-windows-rt-puzzle-games (3)

A remake of the classic puzzle game where you had to perfectly align a cube with the floor in order to get into the perfect position to finish the level. Some might find this game boring, but for those who like puzzle games that are pretty strict, they will find this great Windows RT puzzle game perfect.

The textures used in the game have a very good quality and the overall look and feel of the game are in the premium area. There are a number of free levels that users can fiddle with before buying the full game.

best-windows-rt-puzzle-games (2)

One of the first games I’ve tried out on Windows 8 and later on Android, Flow is a pretty awesome puzzle game where users have to connect different colored pipes without overlapping them and filling out the entire grid.

If at first you find the game too simple, know that later on, it can prove to be quite difficult and it will give you a hard time. There are lots of levels, so you will spend a lot of time playing the game, but if you ask me, it’s time well spent.

best-windows-rt-puzzle-games (1)

Bejeweled is a game with tradition. It has been around for what seems like ages and in this time, it has gathered a huge number of players. Although the game can be downloaded as a Windows 8 desktop game, it is also available for Windows RT users in the form of an app: Bejeweled LIVE.

The game is exactly the same as it is in desktop form and it can be downloaded fro the Windows Store as a free demo that has 10 levels, or it can be purchased to gain access to all the levels and all the game modes.

If you have other suggestions as to which are the best Windows RT puzzle games, please let us know and we will definitely update the list. As for now, these games will surely keep you busy for some time. Stay tuned as we will be coming with other lists on the best Windows RT games in the following days.

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