FIX: Bitdefender won’t automatically update on Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • Sometimes, Bitdefender antivirus fails to install the latest necessary software updates.
  • While we hope that the issue isn't caused by malware, we're showing you how this can be fixed.
  • This frustrating issue may appear due to an automatic update option selected on your PC.
  • The error can occur as well if the software isn't properly set up, so dive into this article to resolve it quickly.
Bitdefender won’t auto update
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Bitdefender is award-winning security software that boasts not just numerous features that ensure a high level of security against online threats, but also system optimization tools.

Options such as the user-friendly interface, updated autopilot, network threat scan, and ransom protection, plus a VPN contribute to this antivirus being almost always the number one choice in protecting your PC’s security.

The tool is set on autopilot by default for completely silent security. This is how it makes all security-related decisions for you so you need not make any settings configurations.

But what happens when your Bitdefender antivirus won’t auto-update?

Well, update errors are usually a result of an Internet issue – a failed connection, or a proxy, or the tool is being blocked by your third-party firewall.

Sometimes, a virus or dangerous malware infections block essential apps from running as well.

It is important to troubleshoot these problems, so try the solutions below.

What can I do if Bitdefender fails to update?

  1. General troubleshooting
  2. Turn on automatic updates
  3. Turn off activity modes
  4. Check that Bitdefender is properly set up
  5. Send the error message to Bitdefender support
  6. Use alternative antivirus software

1. General troubleshooting

  • If you have any other security program installed, uninstall it. Bitdefender usually disables Windows Defender upon install, but with other third-party tools, it might not do the same.
  • Run removal tools for any other security software you may have had that was previously used on the computer, then reboot. Sometimes these remnants may cause Bitdefender not to auto-update.
  • Uninstall your current version of Bitdefender and reboot.
  • Run Bitdefender removal software and restart your computer again then try reinstalling it.

2. Turn on automatic updates

  1. Open the Bitdefender window.
  2. Go to the Update panel.
  3. Click the switch to turn on Automatic Update.

Note: If you want to turn it off, a warning window will appear and you have to confirm your choice by selecting how long you want to disable it.

Since it is a critical security issue, it is recommended you disable automatic updates for as little time as possible. If not updated regularly, the tool won’t protect you against the latest threats.

3. Turn off activity profiles

Bitdefender runs some special operation modes such as Game and Work that enhance system responsiveness and performance during certain activities such as game streaming or laptop presentations.

Game Profile, for instance, modifies protection settings temporarily to minimize their impact on the system’s performance.

Bitdefender automatically detects a known game or app in fullscreen and enables its antivirus setting to permissive, disabling pop-ups and alerts, auto-scan, safebox auto-sync, and automatic updates.

Work Profile minimizes the impact on power consumption as your laptop runs on battery, thus features such as auto-scan, auto-update, and safebox auto-sync are also turned off.

If you want Bitdefender to always stay on autopilot so it can auto-update, turn off these profiles:

  1. Open Bitdefender main interface.
  2. Click Settings on the upper toolbar.
  3. Go to the Profiles tab.
    Bitdefender Settings
  4. Disable the Activate Profiles Automatically option.

4. Check that Bitdefender is properly set up

  1. Open Bitdefender.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the lower left side of the main interface.
  3. Click the Update tab.
  4. Ensure that the update settings are correct.
  5. Go to the Bitdefender firewall.Bitdefender firewall
  6. Click on the shield icon in the interface.
  7. Click View Modules.
  8. Click the gear icon in the Firewall module.
  9. In the adapters tab, ensure the firewall is properly set up: Network type – home/office, stealth mode – off, and generic – on.

5. Send the error message to Bitdefender support

  1. Open the main Bitdefender interface.
  2. Access the Settings menu.
  3. Select the Update tab.
  4. Click on the Critical tab and you should see the exact error message.
  5. Send it to the Bitdefender support team.

6. Use alternative antivirus software

As reliable as it is, Bitdefender is also prone to errors. Especially if the error is caused by some malware, you’ll have to change to another protection tool, at least temporarily until you fix the issue.

We recommend that you try ESET Internet Security, an excellent antivirus alternative.

Though much lighter in terms of the system resources it needs, this software doesn’t slow down your PC performance, at the same time offering stable protection against damaging malware.

Get ESET Internet Security

Let us know if you managed to fix the Bitdefender auto-update issue using these solutions. Leave a comment in the section below.

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