Fix: Blank TV screen when starting your Xbox One/Xbox One S console

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Connecting your TV to your Xbox console can sometimes prove to be a difficult task, especially if you can’t get rid of a blank TV screen. Unfortunately, this is one of the most frequent issues Xbox One and Xbox One S owners encounter after installing the latest updates or when starting their consoles.

If your TV screen often remains blank or black, we’ve got a series of quick workarounds for you. Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below to fix the connection between your TV and console.

Fix: Blank TV screen with Xbox One/Xbox One S

Blank TV screen when you return Home

  1. Hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for 10 seconds to turn your console turn off
  2. Press the Xbox button on the console to turn your console back on.

Blank TV screen when watching a Blu-Ray Disc

Most likely, your console’s video output is set to Allow 24Hz. To fix the blank TV screen issue, you’ll need to turn this feature off:

  1. Press the Xbox button to go to the Home screen > scroll left to open the Guide
  2. Select Settings > select All settings
  3. Go to Display & sound > select Video options
  4. Click Enable 24Hz > turn off this setting.

Blank TV screen after you turn on the console

1. Make sure that both your TV and console are turned on and your TV’s input signal is HDMI
2. Check that the HDMI cable connection to your console and TV is secure
3. Make sure that the HDMI cable is connected to the console’s “out to TV” port
4. Cold boot your console (hold the power button for 10 seconds)
5. Reset your display settings:

  • Eject any disc from the console
  • On the console, press and hold the Xbox button for five seconds
  • Press and hold the Xbox button and the Eject button until you hear a beep to turn on the console. Don’t let go until the second beep occurs.
  • Note that this action boots your console in low-resolution mode. Go to Settings to reset this setting.

6. Plug the HDMI cable into a different HDMI port on your TV
7. Use a different HDMI cable to connect your console to your TV
8. Connect your console to a different TV.

Blank TV screen when you use an AVR

1. Turn on your devices in the following order, waiting for each device to fully power up:
1.1. Turn on your TV
1.2. Turn on the AVR once your TV is displaying a picture
1.3. Turn on your console
2. Switch the input source of your AVR away from the console and then back
3. Restart the AVR
4. Set your TV connection to HDMI:
4.1. Return to the Home screen > scroll left to open the guide
4.2. Select Settings >Display & sound
4.3. Select Video output > TV connection > select the HDMI option.

Blank TV screen after you install a system update

1. Go to the Xbox One System Update Solution
2. Select “I need to troubleshoot a system update error”
3. Select “I am experiencing a startup issue”
4. Select “Black screen” (yes, select this option to troubleshoot blank TV screen issues)
5. Follow the troubleshooting solutions offered by the tool.

We hope the solutions listed above help you to fix the blank TV screen issues you’ve encountered. If you’ve come across other workarounds, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comments section below.



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