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Blu-ray Disc is high storage disc that play movies in 1080p and 4K resolutions. Duel layer Blu-ray Disc storage amounts to 50 GB data compared with DVD’s 8.7 GB data. As such, Blu-ray discs provide better quality video and audio playback than DVDs. Furthermore, they can also include more additional bonus content on their menus.

To play Blu-ray Disc on your Windows desktop or laptop, you’ll need a Blu-ray optical drive (unless you’ve ripped content from disc). You’ll also need Blu-ray player media software that fully supports the disc format. Blu-ray players are software designed to play Blu-ray movies when you insert them in an optical drive.

They are software that directly support the Blu-ray format and include all the playback options you’ll need for watching videos. These are some of the best Blu-ray player software for Windows 10 to play your movies with.




Aurora Blu-ray Media Player

Auroro Blu-ray Media Player

Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is a straightforward and convenient video player that supports a wide range of media formats. It’s a more economical alternative to the likes of PowerDVD Ultra that’s retailing at $39.95 on the Aurora website.

The software is compatible with Windows 10 to Windows XP and Mac platforms. You can try out the software with its unregistered version, which adds a watermark to Blu-ray playback, by clicking Download on this page.

Few video players can match Aurora Blu-ray Media Player’s diverse media playback support. Aside from Blu-ray Disc, the software plays VCD, DVD, CD and a multitude of video and audio file formats.

The software includes contrast, saturation, gamma, hue and other adjustment options with which users can enhance the picture with. Aurora Blu-ray Media also provides handy track synchronization controls with which users can keep image, audio and subtitles in sync. In addition, users can customize video subtitle text via the software’s Preferences window.

So Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is a no-nonsense Blu-ray player with which you can play almost any media format and optimize video picture and audio with.


PowerDVD 18 Ultra


CyberLink’s website boasts that PowerDVD Ultra 18 is the “world’s No. 1 movie & media player,” and the publisher’s marketing hype doesn’t lack substance. PowerDVD is a highly rated Windows 10 media player that comes bundled with some Blu-ray drives. PowerDVD 18 Ultra is the best of three versions that’s retailing at $69.95.

The Pro and Standard editions are available at $59.95 and $39.95, but the cheapest version doesn’t support Blu-ray Disc and lacks the TV casting, VR mode and online features included in PowerDVD Ultra. You can also subscribe to PowerDVD Live, which is otherwise the same as the Ultra version, for $44.99 a year.

PowerDVD 18 Ultra is certainly one of the world’s best Blu-ray players at least as it supports both 4K Ultra HD and Full HD Blu-ray Disc. The latest version enables users to play Blu-ray movies at full screen on wide-screen TVs with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Furthermore, the software’s TrueTheater enhancement tech further boosts Blue-ray and HD playback quality by enhancing lighting and optimizing color. PowerDVD 18 Ultra also supports the latest Dolby and DTS sound formats that provide cinematic audio quality.

Aside from its stellar Blu-ray playback, PowerDVD 18 Ultra includes a great feature set. PowerDVD 18 Ultra users can cast videos to their TVs with the Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon FireTV digital media players.

The software supports VR and 360-degree content, and it includes a unique VR mode for the HTV Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. PowerDVD is also one of the best media players for watching online video as its users can play HDR, 360 degree, Full HD and 4K YouTube videos and pin them to watch offline.

With a media library thrown in for good measure, PowerDVD 18 Ultra pretty much includes everything you’ll require from a media player.

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Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

The Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is a good value media player that you can utilize to play a range of video and audio formats with. The software is especially good value as it’s currently retailing at a discounted $22.40 (from $32.00) on the publisher’s website. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is compatible with Windows platforms from XP up and macOS Mojave and High Sierra.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is a straightforward and easy to utilize video player with a sleek and stylish UI design. The best thing about Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is that it supports 4K playback for MP4, MKI, MOV, FLV, H.265, TS and FLV formats so you can play videos in one of the highest resolutions.

Note, however, that the software is restricted to 1080p Blu-ray playback. Aiseesoft Blue-ray also boasts top-notch audio quality as it supports Dolby TrueHD lossless audio and DTS-HD surround sound. This software doesn’t include a huge number of configuration options, but its users can still adjust some playing effect settings for videos.

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Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is one of the best freeware Blu-ray players. Thus, this is undoubtedly the best value Blue-ray player. The software plays 1080p Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO files, DVD and most common video and audio file formats.

You can add Leawo Blu-ray Player to Windows platforms from XP to 10 by clicking Download on this webpage. There’s also an OS X 10.9 compatible version of Leawo Blu-ray Player users can run on Macs.

The Leawo Blu-ray Player packs in more extensive video, audio, playback and subtitle settings than most alternative software. Users can configure contrast, gamma, pixel, video scaling methods, zoom amount, display refresh rate, render method, view mode, audio output, volume application, audio stream, subtitle text and more besides.

The software doesn’t support 4K video playback, but it does support advanced audio tech such as DTS5.1 and TrueHD for top quality audio. Another good thing about Leawo Blu-ray Player is that it displays the source menus for discs so that users can select the Blu-ray bonus content.

In addition, the software includes a few novelties such as its virtual remote, snapshot tool, battery protect option and customizable background.




DAPlayer is another all-in-one media player for 1080p video playback that’s freely available. The software supports commercial Blu-ray Disc playback and can play both AACS protected and BD+ discs. 5KPlayer is a revamped version of DAPlayer mentioned on the software’s website, but that’s limited to playing Blu-ray content ripped from disc. To play Blu-ray straight from disc, DAPlayer is a better bet. Click Download DAPlayer for Blu-ray play on this page to add the software to Windows.

DAPlayer is a media player that plays most media file formats as it incorporates 320 video and 120 audio codecs. The software has an intuitive UI, which includes a customizable playlist, within which users can import video and music either with its browser tree or by dragging and dropping the files. DAPlayer is among the more system resource efficient Blu-ray players with minimal CPU utilization.

In addition, the media player includes numerous video, audio and subtitle settings with which users can adjust hue, contrast, the aspect ratio, saturation, deinterlacing mode, stereo mode, equalizer, zoom and angle, audio device, subtitle text and more besides. As it’s freeware software, DAPlayer is definitely worth a look before you check out some of the other alternatives.


DVDFab Player 5 Ultra


The DVDFab Player 5 is a media player that has had some rave reviews. This is a Blu-ray player that supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc playback as well as DVD, BDAV and AVCHD. The software has Ultra, Standard and Free versions that are retailing at $99 and $59.

Note that the freeware version doesn’t support Blu-ray Disc, and you’ll need the Ultra version for 4K Blu-ray playback. You can add the freeware DVDFab Player 5 to Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 by clicking Free Download button for the software on this webpage.

DVDFab Player 5 might not be the most economical media player, but it enables you to watch Blu-ray Disc and DVD on both PCs and TVs at top-notch 4K picture quality and includes a HDR10 playback mode.

Furthermore, DVDFab Player 5 is one of few media players that supports 3D Blu-ray Disc for 3D films with four 3D output modes included. The media player also supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and Atmos for top-notch lossless audio output.

Aside from supporting the latest video and audio tech, DVDFab Player 5 includes some handy features. Users can select a TV Mode or PC Mode to optimize playback for TVs or VDUs.

The media player supports Blu-ray menus, and users can select a Menu Mode to play the disc with menus or a Simple Mode just to play the film. It includes a customizable playlist tool with which you can set up movie playlists.

Thumbnail previews for videos is something the publisher has confirmed it will soon add to DVDFab Player 5. So, DVDFab Player 5 is definitely a rising star of a media player that’s well worth noting.

So take your pick from any one of those Blu-ray players for Windows 10. They provide some of the best Blu-ray Disc playback at 4K or 1080p resolutions.

Even if you don’t need to play Blu-ray content, they’re still great media players that you can utilize for DVD, video and music files.



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