Boot Windows 7/8/10, Android & Linux (Ubuntu) With This Tablet

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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run windows 8 android linux ubuntu

The ability to boot more operating system on a single device ca be pretty rewarding. Booting Android and Windows 10, Windows 8 on a single tablet, for example, might allow you to browse easily in the Play Store and play the latest Android games as well as makes use of some creative applications. In the same time, you make the most of Windows, thanks to its productivity.

But if I told you that you could not only boot Windows 8, Windows 10 and Android in the same time, but Linux, as well? Well, not exactly Linux, but Ubuntu, which, as many will agree, is one of the best Linux distributions so far. The name of this wonderful tablet is Python S3 and it comes from the Italian hardware company Ekoore.

Ekoore Phyton S3: triple-boot Windows 8/10, Android and Ubuntu

This is a 11.6 inch tablet that also comes with a docking keyboard, but you’ll have to pay some extra dough for that, no special, sweet offer here like in the case of Surface RT’s temporary pricing (with free Touch Cover) in the  United Kingdom. The Ekoore Phyton S3 is aimed at the European market, without a doubt, so when we convert prices to the American rate, it might seem rather pricey. The base model retails at 599 euros (which is around $780).

Add to that the cost of the keyboard dock – 140 euros ($180) and the price for Windows 10, Windows 8, if you want that, as well – 118 euros ($150) and you realize you’ll end up paying quite a lot – more than $1100. Which means that this device is definitely aimed at a few eventual would-be owners.

You will get  Ubuntu 13.4  and Android 4.2 x86 at no cost, obviously, because they’re open source operating systems. A nice little gift is the inclusion of  5 free GB of Ubuntu one online storage and sync. The resolution is not something to be highly excited about, either, at 1366 by 768 pixels it is not something that can match the beauty of a Retina Display iPad, for example. The Phyton S3 is powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron 847, at a 1.1GHz frequency. We didn’t manage to find enough reviews or benchmarks to convince us that this is something more than a middle, somewhat mediocre processor.

Features and specs: worth the money?

It also comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (consider it 37, if you include the free storage from Ubuntu). The tablet is also not light on the hand, weighing 980 grams. Being 11 millimeters thin (or thick?), it’s approaching tablets with a more industrial design, to say so. Coupled with the keyboard, you should get up to 12 hours of battery, which isn’t that bad. Without they keyboard, you are left only with 7 hours.

And when things couldn’t get worse, you should know that if you want to transform this gadget into a 3G able one, you will have to get out of the pocket a hundred more euros. If you want to add GPS, consider another 80 euros. Obviously, the high price of this gadget is because of the software implications. After all, it’s not that often that you encounter one device that can dual boot Windows 8, Windows 10 and Android and by booting Linux (Ubuntu), as well, you can very well call it a triple booting tablet. Ekoore’s own words:

The Python series was born with the purpose of uniting in a single tablet multiple operating systems. The components of this device are the result of careful and accurate selection, to ensure perfect compatibility with all operating systems.

If I had the money and if I’d be really passionate about booting Windows 8, Windows 10 Android and Linux on a single device, then this tablet could  land on my to-buy list. What about you?

Python S3 dual-boot tablet alternatives

Even though this tablet might look as one of the best for multiple system booting, you can also check another great tablet which combines Windows 10 with Remix  OS (Android based). This device has a pretty decent configuration and here are some of its most interesting components:

  •  Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5 processor
  • 8th Gen Intel HD Graphics
  • 10.8-inch display with a 1920×1280 pixel resolution
  • 2MP frontal and the rear cameras
  • USB3 Type-C port
  • Supports 5V/3A quick charging

In case you are in a real need of a good tablet, you can also check our handpicked list with best  20 Windows 10 tablets, but not all of them support dual or triple-boot feature. However, there are some serious models in this list that you might consider.