FIX: Your browser is not supported Roblox error

Vlad Turiceanu
by Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Roblox is a multiplayer online game where users can create their own games. Think of it as a game-within-a-game platform.
  • There are over 100M active Roblox players letting their imagination take over and design new games that will entertain the community.
  • If you're getting all sorts of browser-related errors while playing Roblox, this guide will help you fix them in no time.
  • If all these errors made you think about changing your browser, do explore our collection of guides to learn what are the best browsers for gaming and other usages.
Your browser is not supported Roblox

If you’re a gamer or if you have friends that game, you surely know what Roblox is. If you don’t, Roblox is one of the biggest game creation platforms in the world.

Now and then, some certain errors seem to pop-up. One of these errors is Your browser is not supported when you try to play a Roblox game in your browser on Windows 10.

To learn how you can fix this, check the steps below.

Why my browser doesn’t support Roblox?

Solution 1 – General fixes

  • Reboot your PC. In many cases, this could solve the problem way faster than anything else.laptop reboot Your browser is not supported Roblox
  • Close and re-open your browser. If there is a problem with some temporary files, it’s best to restart your browser.
  • Disconnect and reconnect your internet.

Solution 2 – Update your browser

  1. We’ll use Google Chrome but you can follow similar steps for other browsers.
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu in Chrome.About Chrome Your browser is not supported Roblox
  3. Select Help and then About Google Chrome.

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Solution 3 – Reset the settings of your browser

  1. Open Chrome settings. Chrome settings Your browser is not supported Roblox
  2. Scroll down and click on Advanced.
  3. Scroll all the way down and under Reset and clean up, click on Restore setting to their original defaults.
  4. Confirm by clicking on the Reset settings button.

Solution 4 – Clear the temporary files

  1. Open Chrome settings. Chrome settings Your browser is not supported Roblox
  2. Scroll down and click on Advanced.
  3. Now click on Clear browsing data.
  4. Make sure Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are selected by clicking their checkboxes.Chrome clear browsing data Your browser is not supported Roblox
  5. Click the clear button.
  6. Wait for the process to finish and then try running the game again.

Solution 5 – Disable the Firewall

  1. In the Windows search box type Control Panel and hit Enter. control panel Your browser is not supported Roblox
  2. Select System and Security > then Windows Defender Firewall.Open Firewall Your browser is not supported Roblox
  3. In the left side-panel select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  4. Now click on the checkmark in front of Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended). disable firewall your browser is not supported roblox
  5. Click OK.

After following all the steps properly, Roblox should be working without any problems and you can enjoy your favorite games again.

If you’re aware of another method to fix the problem or you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about browsers and Roblox

  • Can you play Roblox on a browser?

You can play Roblox on a browser but first, you need to download it on your computer otherwise it won’t work. The game files are stored on your computer and this includes screenshots, game saves and gameplay footage. That’s why you need to download Roblox on your PC first in order to be able to play on a browser.

  • How long will Roblox be down for?

Roblox maintenance works usually take down the platform for no more than 60 minutes. So, if you can’t play Roblox due to scheduled maintenance works, expect the game to be up and running in an hour’s time.

  • Can you still play as a guest in Roblox?

You can play Roblox as a guest but the number of trial plays is limited to 20. If you want to continue playing and access the full game features, you need to create an account on Roblox and download the game on your computer.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.