5 Best Browsers That Support jQuery [Different Versions]

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Key notes

  • jQuery is a quick, portable, and feature-rich JavaScript library with an easy-to-use API, making processes like HTML traversing, animations, etc., effortless.
  • It's JavaScript, which is more beneficial for developers as it helps improve their productivity and generate steady, tested codes.
  • Although it offers cross-browser compatibility, you must use a browser that can help you make the most out of it. 
Best Browsers that Support jQuery
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Want to use jQuery in your projects and looking for a browser that still offers support for this JavaScript library? Then we have some recommendations for you.

The JavaScript library is compatible with a plethora of browsers. It also works with the stock browser on Android 4.0+ and Safari on iOS 7+.

However, ensure you are using the latest versions because outdated browser versions can lead to unexpected bugs.

But if you want to know how to enable or disable JavaScript in all browsers, you can refer to our post for more details.

Is jQuery built into browsers?

No, jQuery is not built into browsers. Because if it were, you would be left with no support for new features in the older/outdated browsers.

With cross-browser support in jQuery, it offers an external script that helps you obtain a new feature in its latest version. This will automatically add quality to all browsers.

So, you must add the latest version of the JavaScript library to your site, and the new feature will be automatically included in all major browsers.

Is jQuery still supported?

jQuery is still one of the most popular JavaScript libraries among web developers. Many projects, including the WordPress plugins and themes, still depend on it.

Based on statistics, jQuery still operates with over the top 1 million websites worldwide (79%). It also takes up a whopping 65% of the JavaScript library usage.

You can also use jQuery for browser support detection to check the browser’s UA (User Agent) string. It helps you identify a specific pattern assigned to a browser family or version.

In this post, we recommend the best browser that offers support for jQuery and can help you make the most of it.

What browsers does jQuery support?

Opera Browser – Load jQuery easily within the Opera userJS

brower support jquery

With built-in support for JavaScript that helps you create your script and the support for jQuery, Opera is a web developer’s delight.

Since jQuery supports the same JavaScript style coding, it gets even better working on Opera.

Moreover, you can also load jQuery within the Opera User JavaScript quickly. For example, build a custom HTML5 video player using CSS3 and jQuery.

Here are some of its other significant features:

  • Inspect changes to your CSS styles
  • Debug your script
  • Built-in VPN, ad-blocker
  • Not a resource hog
  • Battery saver mode


Try Opera today, one of the best browser with JQuery support!

Google Chrome – Capitalize on the built-in web developer tools

brower support jquery

Google Chrome is popular with the highest user base globally and its praiseworthy list of extensions.

If you are a web developer looking to work on Chrome with jQuery, you will find many valuable extensions like jQuery Debugger, All Cheat Sheets, etc.

Besides, you can also take full advantage of the Chrome Dev Tools to access advanced settings, deploy your applications, debug JavaScript, and more.

Among its other key features are:

  • Improved JavaScript features
  • Highly customizable
  • Dual screen mode, font editors, etc. with Dev Tools
  • Sync with Google services and accounts
  • High-speed browsing

Get Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – Excellent CSS, JavaScript debugging tools, or the Grid tools

brower support jquery

If you’re looking for a conventional browser for web development, then Mozilla Firefox exceeds your expectations.

An excellent standard browser otherwise, the developer version adds to its advantages with its range of development tools.

Also, if you want to use jQuery on Firefox, make sure that you use JQuery/JQuery-UI libraries downloaded from ajax.googleapis.com 18, jquery.com 14, or jqueryui.com 7.

Below are some of its other essential features:

  • Superb CSS, JavaScript debugging tools, or the Grid tools
  • Powerful and flexible Firefox dev tools
  • Manage passwords with Clockwise
  • Faster browsing
  • Private Browsing with Enhanced Tracking Protection
  • Save web content in Pockets

Get Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge – Increased productivity with web development add-ons

brower support jquery

While the Microsoft Edge browser offers support for jQuery 3.5.1 and its precedent, it’s mostly not needed for compatibility.

This is because the Microsoft desktop and the Windows servers only support IE11 and the later (Edge) browser versions.

However, since jQuery still exists, you can make the most of it using the powerful web development platform on Edge and with its range of extensions.

Here are some of its other significant features:

  • Dynamic Edge Developer Tools
  • Useful add-ons for developers
  • Privacy control
  • Import data or sync data across devices
  • personalized gaming homepage

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Apple Safari

brower support jquery

Safari is another browser in the list that offers support for the jQuery 3.6 version and its precedent on Apple platforms like Mac and iOS.

Since Safari updates itself silently without any user intervention, you can use features and APIs without loading jQuery within the browser.

However, since jQuery adapts itself to both outdated and modern browser versions, you still have a choice to use it.

Among its other notable features are:

  • Blazing fast performance
  • Competitive energy efficiency
  • Advanced developer tools
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based web extensions
  • Privacy protection with verification codes, Passkeys, etc.

Get Apple Safari

What versions of jQuery are supported?

jQuery version 3.0 and the latest is compatible with the current stable version of the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Edge) and the one immediately before that.

Regarding mobile platforms, it supports iOS 7 and latest, and Android 4.0 and newer.

jQuery is versatile and flexible; this combination helps millions of users to write JavaScript and HTML quickly.

Since it also offers cross-browser support, we have listed some of the best browsers that support jQuery based on their versions.

But, if you encounter the browser not supporting JavaScript error, you can refer to the solutions in our detailed post.

Leave a message in the comments box below for other queries on JavaScript or browsers.

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