5 Best Browsers That Support Kerberos Authentication

Explore the best browsers with full Kerberos support

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Key notes

  • Cybercrime is an issue that plagues the internet. Hence, transmitting requests or data through an untrusted network can put you at risk.
  • Kerberos is a network security protocol that secures transmission between hosts and untrusted networks using authentication.
  • Kerberos authentication supports most browsers.
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There are several browsers in the market that users download and install on their devices. However, the difference between browsers is the features they have to offer their users. Some browsers target specific users like developers, which means they contain tools that are useful for developers.

Also, there are browsers for regular users for normal daily activities. Hence, software like Kerberos authentication requires some browser features before assigning them the Kerberos browser support.

The Kerberos authentication service is a protocol that authenticates requests between a trusted host and an untrusted network. It securely validates the transmissions between a client that is the host across a server that is not reliable, e.g., the internet.

However, Kerberos is software that protects your requests across untrusted networks from threats and hijacking. Hence, authentication services like Kerberos will secure your requests across networks, giving you safe access.

Nevertheless, browsers can use Kerberos authentication to secure your browsing activities. However, not all browsers are reliable for their services.

How does Kerberos authentication work in the browser?

Kerberos Authentication is an inbuilt security protocol for Microsoft Windows. However, it can also use in browsers. Hence, you need to configure your browser to use it. It means you’ll give your browser an active directory integration.

Kerberos configuration differs in different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It authenticates service requests between the hosts and clients through an untrusted network.

Do all browsers support Kerberos authentication?

However, what determines whether the service supports your browser or not is how many features your browser can offer. Features like security and privacy are part of the requirements that make a browser good for Kerberos.

Nonetheless, Kerberos supports almost every browser. However, not all browsers can function properly with it. As we go further into this article, we’ll go through our list of the best browsers that support Kerberos authentication.

What are the best browsers that support Kerberos?

Opera – Trusted for security

Opera is one of the best and oldest browsers in the market. It has been through many improvements over the years. However, Opera comes with an inbuilt integrated messenger that allows users to use their social media platforms to reach out to their friends.

Also, it has the best internet security system that protects users browsing information from malware, hijackers, and viruses.

However, Opera is a browser that Kerberos supports because of its strict security. More so, note that Kerberos only supports the latest version of the Opera browser. Hence, using an outdated browser can cause difficulties with Kerberos.


Encrypt your browsing data with increased security of Kerberos and an effective VPN.

Google Chrome – Best for browsing speed

One of the best browsers that support Kerberos is Google Chrome. It runs on the Chromium code, and it comes with many features. However, Chrome uses advanced technology to secure browser information sent from different servers, which is a good feature for Kerberos.

Furthermore, Google Chrome has an inbuilt Ad Blocker that prevents ads from popping up in the middle of your browsing experience. It allows you to focus on what you are doing at the moment. Also, it loads websites with a fast speed and smoothly.

Another feature of the Chrome browser is a high-security system that protects user browsing information from external threats and intruders. Also, it offers a good tab manager that allows you to arrange and organize your tabs. Moreover, Chrome has a repository where users can get extensions to improve their browsing activities.

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Safari – Ideal for Mac users

Safari is a fast browser that helps you browse the internet swiftly and smoothly without interruptions. It is the default browser for Apple devices. Safari has a high-standard browsing system that allows its users to enjoy the latest features for browsers. It uses an advanced security system, one of the browsers’ requirements that support Kerberos.

Moreover, the Safari browser has a good speed that helps you to load websites quickly and smoothly. Unlike other browsers, Safari has the best syncing system that helps you safely access your browsing data across several devices.

Furthermore, users can download and install Safari across different operating systems e.g, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Microsoft Edge – Great for Windows users

Edge is a browser by Microsoft. It is one of the best browsers to use with Kerberos. However, Microsoft Edge has many features that make it a perfect browser that supports Kerberos.

Some notable features of Microsoft Edge are easy navigation and a customizable user interface that helps you enjoy your browsing sessions.

Also, it has an inbuilt Ad Blocker that prevents ad pop-ups and an inbuilt VPN service that helps you surf the internet without geolocation difficulties.

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Firefox – Packed with great features

Firefox is a fast and reliable browser that houses several features. It has a lot of extensions that users can install on their browsers for a better internet experience. Hence, it is one of the browsers that support Kerberos.

Furthermore, it has a customizable feature that allows users to configure their display. It runs on the Chromium code, which helps it to perform faster.

However, Kerberos supports the IE mode of Firefox and the latest versions.

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How do I enable Kerberos in my browser?

  1. Press the Windows key, search for the Control panel, and launch it.
  2. Select Internet Options, and click on Advanced under the Security tab.
  3. Select the Enable Integrated Windows Authentication option.
  4. Click on Local Intranet, then select Custom level.
  5. Select Automatic logon only in Intranet zone under the User Authentication/Logon tab, then click OK.
  6. Click on Sites, then tick all the boxes.
  7. Click Advanced, add the BMC Helix SSO service website to the local zone, then click Add.

In conclusion, users can read through the five best browsers that support XML [view and edit XML online]. However, users should update their browsers to the latest version to prevent the browser not sending Kerberos token errors.

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