BS Player cannot download codecs [EXPERT FIX]

Madalina Dinita
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BS Player cannot download codecs

BS Player is one of the best multimedia players on the market, but many users reported that BS Player can’t download codecs. This can be a problem, but in today’s article, we’ll show you o how to fix this issue once and for all.

Here’s how one user on BS Player forum described the issue:


After I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 BSplayer worked fine. But I wanted to do a complete reinstall from Windows 10 and now I have a problem with the installation of BSplayer. During the installation it needs to download codecs but I get the following error message: “Codec list could not be downloaded. Please check your internet connection.” Of course my internet connection works and I still get the same message after rebooting the computer.

In order to fix this issue, we managed to come up with a few simple solutions that you should try.

What to do if BS Player won’t download codecs?

1. Run as administrator

  1. Locate BS Player shortcut.
  2. Right-click it and choose Run as administrator from the menu.
    run as administrator bs player cannot download codecs
  3. Now try to download the missing codecs.

2. Check your network connection

check the network connection bs player cannot download codecs

  1. Make sure that your Internet connection is working.
  2. Open your Internet browser and check to see if web pages load quickly and without interruption.
  3. If you notice your Internet speed is slower than usual, restart your modem/router.
  4. Try using a wired connection instead of WiFi as well. Wireless connections are usually less stable and Internet spikes could occur more often.
  5. Contact your ISP if the network issue is still there.

3. Disable your antivirus

bitdefender bs player cannot download codecs

  1. Open your antivirus software and turn it off temporarily.
  2. Check to see if disabling your antivirus had any effect on the issue.
  3. If the issue is still there, consider removing your antivirus.
  4. If removing the antivirus solves the problem, perhaps you should try out different antivirus such as Bitdefender.

Bitdefender is the world’s safest antivirus, and here’s why

4. Turn off Windows Firewall

  1. Press the Start button and open the Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security.system and security control panel bs player cannot download codecs
  3. Select Windows Defender Firewall.
    windows defender firewall control panel bs player cannot download codecs
  4. Choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off > Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall off (not recommended).
    turn off windows defender firewall bs player cannot download codecs
  5. Click OK to make sure the changes were saved.

5. Manually download the codecs

download missing video codecs bs player cannot download codecs

  1. Search for K-Lite Codec Pack online.
  2. Download any version of K-Lite Codec Pack and install it.

If you can’t play videos in BS Player due to missing codecs, check out our guide on how to download and install all required codecs for Windows 10.

We hope that our guide on how to fix the BS Player codecs download issue was of help for you. If you found this article helpful, leave a comment in the comment section below.


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