Opera GX: Can it run on Windows 7 & How Much RAM Does it use?

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  • Opera GX is a particular browser offered by Opera that provides a great browsing and gaming experience for PC and mobile.
  • The app requires a PC with a minimum of Windows 7 to run correctly.
  • To download and run the browser seamlessly, you need at least 2GB of RAM on your PC. 
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Opera GX is a particular version of the traditional Opera browser. Only this time, it’s designed for gaming. It has exclusive features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters to help you get huge benefits out of both gaming and browsing.

This award-winning gaming browser gives you speed, privacy, theme customization, a built-in ad blocker, Twitch, and Discord integration.

The browser is based on Chromium and supports languages like English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Swedish, Danish, Thai, Dutch, Finnish, and so on. Please read below to learn more about this app and how well it works on Windows 7.

What are the system requirements for Opera GX?

For Opera GX to run seamlessly on a Windows PC, it must have a minimum OS of version 7. Anything less will be incompatible. It would be best if you also had up to 2GB of RAM and a processor speed of 2Ghz.

If you want to check out more useful information, feel free to explore our in-depth Opera GX guide.

Is Opera GX good for low-end PCs?

The app generally consumes up to 2GB of RAM, which puts it out of the reach of many low-end PCs. However, the RAM limiter helps users to restrict just how much memory it consumes.

Thus, RAM consumption goes down to about 1.5GB, about the range of other browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

How much RAM does Opera GX use?

Opera GX can take up anywhere between1.6GB to 2GB of Random Access Memory. Users can set the amount of RAM the browser can use because the application has a limiter.

Does Windows 7 support Opera?

The Opera browser works on Windows 7 or higher. It’s also one of the top browsers for the OS.

How do I download Opera GX on Windows 7?

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Go to the download page.
  3. Select download Opera GX.
  4. Right-click on the downloaded file
  5. Select install.

The app enhances the browsing experience and has an interface specially created for gaming. It also offers a great deal of customizability, with the ability to alter the UI and tweak system settings. Users can also benefit from attributes like the Battery Saver, Instant Search Bar, and page screenshot utility.

As a PC gamer, you’ll want an all-in-one platform to play free games and be updated on the best deals in the community. You can check out this comprehensive list of gaming browsers for more information.

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