Can’t Sign Into Playstation Network? Here’s What to Do

Get your PlayStation Console working well again

by Priya Ahluwalia
Priya Ahluwalia
Priya Ahluwalia
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  • Many users complain they can't sign in to the PlayStation Network account.
  • Sometimes, when there are connectivity issues, it can prevent a player from logging in to their account.
  • There are several fixes to try and help you get back in case you can’t remember the password; use your forgotten password option on the website to create a new one. 
  • Sometimes, PlayStation Network servers go down due to an update or server maintenance, which can cause login issues or slow log-in times.

PlayStation Network is a state-of-the-art system that enables you to enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience. It allows users to play games on Windows PC and download free or premium content such as demos and add-ons. But, many can’t sign into the PlayStation Network.

Though the problem itself does not seem to be widespread, there are a few reports that indicate gamers are facing the issue. In most cases, you should have things running in no time with some quick troubleshooting. Let’s find out how.

Why can’t I sign in to the PlayStation Network?

Multiple reasons may prevent you from signing in to the PlayStation Network. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • PSN server downtime: It’s usually an issue with the server, most likely an outage, when you can’t log in to PlayStation 4. This often triggers the WS-117178-5 PS5 error or NP-31805-7.
  • Wrong login credentials: Incorrect login credentials are a common reason users face problems logging in.
  • Unstable Internet connection: If it is slow or unstable, it will lead to several issues. So, you will need to check the Internet speed.
  • Corrupted or outdated data on the console: Another problem often responsible for login errors on PS4 is corrupt data or outdated firmware.
  • Account suspension: Though an unlikely possibility, there’s still a chance that your account was suspended, and, as a result, you can’t sign in to the PlayStation network.

What are some of the most commonly reported issues on the PlayStation Network?

The PlayStation Network is a lot like any other digital service and is not completely immune to problems. We’ve outlined some of the most common PSN issues below:

  • PlayStation Network sign-in failed: If you face a PSN sign-in error, you need to check whether your online ID or password is incorrect or the PSN servers are down. Here, we have included more quick ways to fix the PSN sign in error.
  • PlayStation 4 error NW-31473-8: It is an extremely annoying problem that can happen to anyone who uses the console. However, we have a quick guide to walk you through solving it for good.
  • Content cannot be selected at this time (PS4 error): If you are getting the Content cannot be selected at this time error on your PS4, it can be frustrating. While there is no official fix for this issue, there are some troubleshooting methods detailed in our guide that you should try.

What to do if I can’t log into PlayStation Network?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, try these quick ones:

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  • Check the server status using the dedicated PSN Status page. If there’s an outage, we recommend you wait a while and verify whether you still can’t sign into the PlayStation Network.
  • Ensure the Internet speed is optimal, at least 20 Mbps, for a seamless experience.
  • Ensure the login credentials are correct. Double-click the sign-in ID and password.
  • After signing up, you need to verify the email ID, without which login issues may appear. So, check the email inbox, find the relevant email from PlayStation, and verify the email address.
  • When 2-step verification is enabled, you can only access the account with a security code. In case you lose your mobile, it would be difficult to secure a code, and thus won’t be able to access your account. You can use 2SV backup codes to log in to PlayStation Network. So try that.

If none did the trick, head to the fixes listed next.

1. Change your password

  1. Go to the PlayStation Network log in page. PSN sign in to PlayStation network
  2. Then, click on the trouble signing in option and select Reset password. cannot sign in to playsation network reset password
  3. When prompted, provide the email address used to create your PSN account. cant sign in to PlayStation network psn signin
  4. Check your email for instructions on how to reset your password.
  5. Once done, return to your console and try signing into your account.

If you recently changed your account’s password or forgot it, changing it again would be helpful.

2. Restart your PlayStation

1. Press and hold the PS button for approximately 10 seconds until you see the Quick Menu.

2. Next, go to the Power tab.

3. Select the Restart option.

playstation restart option

4. Confirm your action.

5. Wait a few seconds while your console reboots and try signing into your account again.

Restarting your PlayStation is generally the first step to try if you encounter minor bugs and glitches. This easy fix can help you sign in to PlayStation Network without any problems.

3. Check for any pending updates

  1. Enter PS4 Settings using your controller.
  2. Next, go to System Software Update. psn update sign in to playstation network
  3. Select Update Now and wait while your console checks for available updates.
  4. If an update is available, click Accept and follow the on-screen prompts to install it.

If you have a PS5, here’s what to do:

  1. On your PlayStation 5, go to the Settings and access the System tab.
  2. Navigate to System Software and select System Software Update and Settings. sign in to playsation network psn system update
  3. Click on Update System Software and choose Update Using Internet.

One of the things to check when you’re having problems logging in is if there are any recent pending updates to your console. Updating it can sometimes help solve the problem. This also helps when faced with The page cannot be displayed. (80710a06) PS3 error.

4. Check for account suspension

When creating an account with PlayStation Network, you agree to obey the Terms of Service. If you breach these terms, they may suspend your console from accessing the PlayStation Network, and, as a result, you can’t sign into it.

The suspension could either be permanent or temporary. However, in the case of permanent suspension, you can appeal PSN for removing the ban.cant sign in to playsation network psn settings

5. Pay off the debt

cant sign in to playsation network solution

With so many payment methods, shopping on the PlayStation Store has never been easier. But with great choice comes great responsibility. If your payment method has had a charge reversed, you might find yourself locked out of PSN.

In the event of a chargeback, PSN can react swiftly to protect your account from fraudulent activity. If a chargeback occurs without cause, you will retain access to your account only once the debt has been repaid.

6. Disable 2-step verification

If you have Google TV or Media Go, you will receive a wrong password message the first time you sign in to these devices with your 2SV code.

This is only temporary and can be easily resolved. Just disable 2SV when signing in, then enable it again after you finish.

cant sign in to playsation network methods

7. Contact PlayStation Support

cant sign in to playsation network contact support

Suppose you cannot provide the verification information for your account or cannot access the email with a link to reset your password. In that case, we recommend contacting PSN support for further assistance.

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If there is anything we missed, please leave a comment below. We will surely try to address the issue.